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R39 or The Day I Reached My 5000th Post

The Cat 3

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In the fall of 1977 a 14 year rock and roll lad skipped school and hitch hiked to the mall.


I wanted to check out the music store and meet girls and I was pretty sure me Mum wouldn't fancy writing a note to the principal explaining that one!


Me mate, John, and I arrived at the mall only to discover that the rich kids had a half day for a teacher's workshop.


This was a good thing, because it meant the possibility of meeting some rock and roll girls.


(The girls from the rich part of town were into rock and roll and the boys were into disco and the opposite was true about the inner city where we lived...reason enough to go pick a fight!)


So, we're at the record store and I see these two girls browsing the record bins and I walk up and say something to the effect of, "what are you girls checking out?".


Lo and behold, one of the two girls was holding "A Farewell to Kings".


Just then, John walks up and says, "Rush, Geddy Lee sings like a girl!"


I said, "No man, this band is great!", doing my best to impress one of the girls who had captured my interest.


I bought the album right then and there.


We hung out with the girls all day, made out with my new love interest, sadly her name escapes me, behind the mall (I wonder does she still remember me?) and went to John's to get high and listen to music.


We put on "A Farewell to Kings" and are both, immediately so blown away, we headed out and buy "2112" the same day.


That same year, in November three of my friends and I each told our Mum's the same lie that we were sleeping over one another's house and took a bus downtown and saw Rush live for the very first time.


That was it...I was hooked.


Ever since then I have eagerly awaited each new album and corresponding tour.


Leading straight up until last night's gig at Madison Square Garden...I have, quite literally, grown up and now old with them.



It is amazing to me just how much joy they have brought my life over the years and all of the people, places and memories attached along the way.


That, of course, also includes all of my Rush brothers and sisters here on The Rush Forum.


I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of the story and part of the reason for the love I have for this band's music and for what it has meant to me over the years.


God bless each and every one of you.

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Many thanks to you, RGLT! My crew ended up at Harrington's yesterday, but we made a toast to all at Stout and Rush40 :cheers:
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Beautiful my friend. My experience with AFTK is a bit different but just as powerful for this at the time 16 year old kid getting ready to turn 17. It will always be the most special of the many special to me. :cheers: and way to go reaching 5000. You are awesome my friend...
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