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Fan Pick top 15 songs for Tour 40


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15 songs?


I will preface this by saying I know many of these songs were played during Clockwork Angels, but unfortunately I was unable to attend.


1. Grand Designs

2. The Body Electric

3. Earthshine

4. The Analog Kid

5. The Weapon

6. Driven

7. Kid Gloves

8. The Enemy Within

9. Red Sector A

10. Cut to the Chase

11. Xanadu

12. The Pass

13. Entre Nous

14. Natural Science

15. Mystic Rhythms

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Something for Nothing

Cygnus 1

Cygnus 2

The Necromancer

The Anarchist

Distant Early Warning



Armor and Sword

Digital Man

The Weapon



Vital Signs

Prime Mover

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In no particular order other than chronologically:



2112 (as much of it as possible)

Cygnus X-1

La Villa

The Spirit of Radio

Natural Science



The Enemy Within


Emotion Detector

Prime Mover

The Pass

Ceiling Unlimited

Headlong Fight

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