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    Columbus Time Machine
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    Grand Designs
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    Grace Under Pressure.
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    2007 Columbus. 6th row Geddy's side. Geddy pointed at me!
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    Unheilig, Oomph!, Rammstein, Eisbrecher
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  1. I've only been to 2 :( Number 3 should be coming up this summer. I have to buy tickets first haha
  2. I love Hold Your Fire. Mission has always been one of my favorites.
  3. 15 songs? I will preface this by saying I know many of these songs were played during Clockwork Angels, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. 1. Grand Designs 2. The Body Electric 3. Earthshine 4. The Analog Kid 5. The Weapon 6. Driven 7. Kid Gloves 8. The Enemy Within 9. Red Sector A 10. Cut to the Chase 11. Xanadu 12. The Pass 13. Entre Nous 14. Natural Science 15. Mystic Rhythms
  4. I am currently ticketless. I am trying to hold out to see if some better seats get released.
  5. Better than 2112? That's a tall order. I will have to give it another listen...it's been a very long time.
  6. Just looked at Ticketmaster since I'm on my lunch to see if anything new is available. Apparently now only resale and platinum tickets are available for Columbus. Sigh
  7. Same thing happened to me in Columbus last tour. Had seats right next to the stage just off the floor. Then they slid the stage back one whole section. This tour, I got on right at 10am, and picked up Section 104 row D. They moved the stage again! Whine! Whine! Gripe! Bitch! Yes. The did that crap during Time Machine. I was FURIOUS! I complained and complained about it on deaf ears. Still salty about it to be honest.
  8. I know that Ticketmaster does this all the time, but I am always terrified to wait and see if better tickets are released. I was very lucky to have been 6th row on Geddy's side in 2007. I think that was my peak. May end up settling on anything I can get in the next few weeks.
  9. I didn't think I was alone. I guess I was just looking for perspective since I haven't seen them since 2010. Was it like this during Clockwork Angels as well?
  10. This gets worse and worse each time I want to see Rush. Last time I saw them was Time Machine and I did not find much problems finding two tickets in the lower bowl at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. I will mention that I got totally screwed over by the venue when they decided to move the stage back because the tickets were selling so fast. Well, right now Ticketmaster has LOWER BOWL tickets in their "Official Platinum Seats" section right now for $550 a ticket........ It's almost to the point where it's not worth it to me because its so expensive. Since when is the lower bowl considered "Platinum". You can't get anything outside of sitting in the way back of the outer bowl in the regular sale. This is the worst I have seen it yet. Anyone having any luck finding moderately decent seats?
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