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Chicago Ticketmaster just released some great seats


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Some nice seats released by Ticketmaster for the Chicago June 28 show


Geddy's side Sec 102:

4th row, 8 consecutive seats

10th row, 4 consecutive


Alex's side sec 104

3rd row, single

4th row, pair

6th row, 4 consecutive


Center sec 103

14th row, 3 together

15th row, 4 consecutive on aisle by 102 and another 8 on aisle by 104

16th row, 8 on aisle


Priced at $157.

Good luck

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Man, I would have purchased those tickets if i would of known! Either way im excited to see my very first Rush concert! Finally get to see my all time favorite show!
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They may not even sell lawn seats if Pavillion isn't sold out. At a prior Tinley show, I recall they were upgrading people off the lawn for $10.....employees walking around with big billboards advertising such
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