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The Anarchist


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QUOTE (Todem @ Jun 27 2012, 07:37 AM)
This is firmly my #1 song on CA.

This is the Rush I love most. And the chorus is just out of this world. The whole intro where they play all three parts of the song is like a mini "Prelude"

Just outstanding.

YEAH! 1022.gif

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QUOTE (Snaked @ Jun 26 2012, 08:45 PM)
QUOTE (rushgoober @ Jun 26 2012, 09:32 PM)
It's a great song no doubt, but I still rate it 8th or 9th on CA.  TBH, the song has a LOT of great competition on the album.  Too many songs I consider a bit greater to put it very close to the top...

Thats one way to know for sure it's a great album.

We can argue passionately about which song is the best and both have valid arguments smile.gif



The Anarchist is going on a full week of being my fave on the album... I expect it'll change at some point but for now at least I cannot get it out of my head.



At the very least it has the most compelling chorus on the album IMO.

I'm with ya there! trink39.gif


Thankfully CA has a lot of songs with catchy choruses and good vocal melodies - something that's been sorely lacking from the past several Rush albums. And of those many songs with "catchy choruses and good vocal melodies," I think "The Anarchist" is the best!



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