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Blue Rodeo


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Anyone else like Blue Rodeo? These guys right great songs! They don't really have any clunkers on any of their albums. They are not really very well known anywhere but in Canada but they are very well known and liked in Canada.


Here are some songs from them.





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I've been a listener of Blue Rodeo for many years.


'Try' is the band's biggest hit, but they have many great songs.


Blue Rodeo was featured in the 1990 movie Postcards from the Edge starring Meryl Streep.


Blue Rodeo performs with Meryl during the final number, “I’m Checkin’ Out,” which closes the film. The song, which was written by Shel Silverstein and nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars.




In a way, it's similar to The Jeff Healey Band featured in the 1989 movie Roadhouse starring Patrick Swayze.



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Big fan of Blue Rodeo. I've seen them live many times, and they always put on a great show.


One of their classics, "What Am I Doing Here" recounts a time early in their career when they headlined a high school battle of the bands show at the Erie County Fair near Buffalo, NY....right down the road my childhood home.



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