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Geddy Is Hot: Mk.II


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Looking a little drunk here! :LOL:



I wonder what he was thinking about? Whatever it was sure did make him happy!


I like to think that whatever he was playing just felt especially good right then.

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Geddy is happy here, too:



That he is! Even made me smile! :)


I was so enthralled by the picture above yesterday that I had to make it my desktop. It took over from this:




I noticed that I had titled the old desktop picture "Sleeveless and Fine" and I had to laugh :LOL: When I was looking through my pictures for it, I came across the one below, and decided to post it too, because, three-shot with interesting composition + sleeveless and fine.




Because I'm really enjoying this "sleeveless and fine" theme, here are a couple more.


26869414853_38f5ea67d6_o.jpg 27377756292_3e78fc815a_o.jpg

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For beany, here's Installment #1 of the Green Bass Collection!








Ahh, how I love that bass!! (And the man playing it isn't too bad, either :LOL: )


Thank you, Mullet--you and your archives are the best! :fistbump:

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More green bass for bean-tor!






With bonus schnozz!




Ooh, such wonderful photos! I love these; thank you so much! More excellent archival work on your part! :cheers:


You're so welcome!


It is, quite literally, my pleasure ;) :LOL:

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More green bass pics!








:yay: :wub: :yay: Thank you once again, Mullet!


What an instrument! I think it even looks great under coloured lights.


Wait a minute, am I supposed to be looking at the bass or Geddy? :laughing guy:


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