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First Rush Pilgrimage to Toronto! - Tips/Recommendations - Seeking Advice


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Greetings fellow Astromancers! (My term for all of us Rush fans!)


I will be making my *very first* pilgrimage to Toronto next Spring and was hoping someone can give me a few possible tips for visiting Rush sites in the area.


Unfortunately, I will just be passing through and will only be there for one day and was thinking of visiting Lakeside Park (My favorite Rush song and also overall favorite song of all time!).


Not sure if that will take up a full day but figured that would be enough for this first visit and I will make more stops when I come back later at another date when I have more time.


Obviously this is a life long dream and I'm VERY excited!


Thanks in advance my friends! :laugh:

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On 6/13/2023 at 10:52 AM, goose said:

Maybe send a PM to forum member RodInToronto.  :cheers:


Yeah, I'm an old-schooler on here but haven't posted in a while.  The site is definitely different, ha.


Thanks for the tip!  I'll do that.  Just trying to feel out Lakeside Park and what the vibe is like.



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On 8/23/2023 at 10:46 PM, Rod in Toronto said:

I JUST saw this! I hope there's still time to give you a few tips. Email me at rodrigo.altaf@gmail.com, and we can chat!


Okay, will do!  Will be there in April.


For right now will be doing a day trip pilgrimage to Lakeside Park.  My favorite song of all time!!!! :laugh::explode:

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