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What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Non-Rush) V.19


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Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Against the Wind.


This is another album I picked up used in the early 1990's when everybody was selling their vinyl and I was buying up all the vinyl I could get given the price sticker of $2.99 is still on it.


Typical Bob Seger album for me.  His work has always had a sort of split personality reaction for me.  I don't care for most of his songs but when I like his songs, I really liken them.  This album has 2 songs I like.  You'll Accompany Me (which i like) and Against the Wind which might be a top 10 all time non-Rush song for me.  Definatly top 20.  I really like it  - a lot.  The rest of the album I don't care for at all. 

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Foreigner - Agent Provocateur.


Not a huge Foreigner fan but a decent album.  The 2 big hits from the album (That Was Yesterday and I Want To Know What Love Is) have stood the test of time.  Especially That was Yesterday.  Really like that song.  The song Tooth And Nail is a bit of sleeper.  I had really overlooked it and its a decent tune.

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