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Mystic Spoonerisms

dream & vapour

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Ah yes ... the skeleton from the Mystic Rhythms video. I did not realise that this was who created it.
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My first message links to Spooner's work titled The Dream.


The skeletal automata appearing during the closing moments of the Mystic Rhythms video can be viewed at greater length here:


This work is titled The Last Judgement, created after Mr. Spooner found inspiration in viewing Jan van Eyck's work of the same name. The linked video refers to it as 'Hell's Kitchen'. This is incorrect.


Initially, this was on display in a small shop in Falmouth, Cornwall (~1982-83). The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre then secured a much more visible space in Covent Garden, London. This is likely where the video's director (or someone on the production crew) first encountered the great hulking machine.

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