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Geddy's "knock on head" move???

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Not a signal but rather a part of the show thing, like his signature "hop" during the guitar solo in Subdivisions. Also, 'cause he's Geddy :)


Or his maniac bunny hops across the stage during 2112 :LOL: or his hip swaying during The Anarchist haha

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He does it for a few reasons:


(1) He's so busy up there singing and playing bass & keys that he doesn't have much time for anything else.

(2) The manic head banging back and forth frenzy that too many metal musicians and fans do is, let's face it, kind of silly. It'd look even sillier on an older, classier guy like Geddy.

(3) He can't actually dance very well.

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Anybody ever figured out why on earth he does that? I still can't figure it out!! Lol, maybe it's a joke he just does it 'cause he's Geddy, or is there like... A signal to the crew? Something... Lol


Although it's strictly a theatrical gesture during the show, I always felt that it looked like he was having some kind of "Aha!" moment, sort of like, "Oh! I could have had a V-8!"



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