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Found 9 results

  1. Yes, i know that rush is taking a year off from touring. However i still see them doing a late fortieth anniversary tour (R40 anyone?) when they return. So how should we spend this upcoming year while we wait for Rush to return? By creating the best setlists for the next tour. R30 was great, but they really focused on stuff from the late 80s and 90s, as well as their cover songs from feedback. This next tour should include songs from their early albums, as well as songs they havent played in a while (seriously, name the last time they played fly by night!). So heres my ultimate setlist, dominated with 70s and 80s classics, but still having more recent stuff peppered here and there. Set one Bastille day Time stand still Roll the bones Lessons OR making memories Vital signs One little victory Limelight The trees Subdivisions Medley combining cygnus x-1 and hemispheres Far cry Set two Tom sawyer Closer to the heart In the mood/drum solo Caravan Fly by night Farewell to kings YYZ Animate Spirit of radio Working man Red barchetta La villa strangiato (with polka intro from time machine tour) Encore Passage to bangkok Red sector A 2112 (overture+finale) Marathon
  2. What songs do you think are being rotated in the setlist?
  3. I know everyone has different opinions. This is basically me dying to know whether the Rush community likes the setlist or not. And..maybe I'm trying to find a way to get hints at the setlist without actually looking at it. Please get here June 8!!
  4. Should 20-30 minutes be moved from 1st set to 2nd & encore, for more epics and classics could be played? (This was highly influenced by the live periscope video. Thank you so much to Russell and Lucas for doing that video!)
  5. I found this below article at Rushisaband.com "Speaking of which, animator Norma V. Toraya (aka Crankbunny) has done some work for Rush on recent tours and looks to be doing some work for the R40 Live tour as well, and she may have given away a potential setlist clue via her Instagram account earlier this week. She put up a post this past Wednesday that included an #R40 hashtag, and showed a computer screen with some animation software running. There were a few movie (.mov) files listed where the filenames contain the words Geddy, Alex and Neil, and in the upper left of the photo was an audio file referencing the title of a Rush song. The Instagram account in question has since been made private, but if you are itching to know what the potential spoiler was, just ask around. It isn't a huge spoiler (assuming it even is a spoiler) in the grand scheme of things since it's not a deep track or anything they haven't played live before." Does anyone know what song it was in reference to?
  6. Ok, since Neil gave us a couple vague hints regarding alternating songs, and the fact that his kit is a bit different this tour.........post your revamped set lists with alternates for A & B nights. Here's mine re-worked with a couple songs removed after hearing Neil's interview......... 2112 Overture Head Long Flight Driven Distant Early Warning Cut To The Chase Time Stand Still / Bravado Dreamline / Subdivisions Malignant Narcissism w/ short drum solo Jacob's Ladder (slightly shortened) Tom Sawyer Vital Signs New World Man Marathon / Force-10 Roll The Bones / Animate Show, Don't Tell Limelight YYZ with drum solo Natural Science Xanadu By-Tor & The Snowdog---> The Necromancer (instrumental section w/Alex Solo)---> Working Man The Spirit Of Radio La Villa Strangiato
  7. A while ago I posted my ultimate Rush concert setlist, which received overwhelmingly negative criticism, with some people accusing me of “trying to destroy Geddy’s voice” and stuff like that. But after a few months of listening to deeper material and noticing trends in recent tours, I have put together a setlist that I hope will satisfy everyone and not bring up any problems. R41 anybody? Set one Dreamline Entre nous Limelight Superconductor Bravado Vital signs Cygnus X-1/Hemispheres instrumental medley Driven Vapor trail Animate New world man Set two The enemy within The weapon Witch hunt Freeze Kid gloves Drum solo/The anarchist Broons bane/Closer to the heart Far cry Headlong flight Subdivisions 2112 (overture/finale)/YYZ Afterimage Time stand still The garden Encore The spirit of radio Tom Sawyer Marathon Like the recent Clockwork Angels tour, this setlist features a lot of deeper tracks from their 80’s catalogue, such as “Kid gloves” and “Entre nous”. The FEAR series is played in its entirety for the first time, and “Broons bane”, a classical guitar piece Lerxst used to begin “The trees” with, serves as the intro to “Closer to the heart”. And finally, there are fan favorites from the 70’s and 90’s included, as well as newer material ranging from Vapor trails to Clockwork angels. I really like this setlist, and seeing it live would be unbelievable. What do you all think?
  8. With a 40 year career and around 20 albums of material, why do they always play the same songs? Rush is known as the biggest cult band in the world and there are fans who have been to dozens of shows. Do these die hards really need to hear or want to hear Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions or The Spirit of Radio Again? For f*cks sake, this was the 20th anniversary of Counterparts, why couldn't they mention this and then include a few more tracks from that album? Can you imagine how amazing it would be to hear Cut to the Chase or Alien Shore for the first time live? Both these songs have incredible solos and are infinitely more interesting than the usual stuff Rush pulls out. You can't tell me that as a fan you would seriously want to hear Limelight over an underplayed CP track or any other unplayed track from their catalogue. I don't get it. It feels like rush has released 5 live albums in less than a decade and THE SAME SONGS KEEP GETTING PLAYED. Why would I pay money to hear the same songs again only sung, produced and played WORSE!? Instead of playing tSoR again why not work hard and translate songs from VT to the stage? Or take songs that people have forgotten from TfE and make them into legendary live performances? The playing from that album is godly, why not choose and play 3 songs from that album that would be facemeltingly good? At his point is almost seems like disrespect to fans. I don't care if they whipped out a few PoW songs this tour. With such a large catalogue, they should feel compelled to create entirely new setlists with each tour. They're a cult band with a huge following of dedicated listeners and for the majority of the time they still tour like an oldies band who play the same 15 songs to death.
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