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  1. They start a short South American tour tonight. Their first stop is in Bogota but I don't know if they will have time to check Colombian fields or not. After that they play Buenos Aries then Santiago, Chile. Then they have a few weeks off before they start a tour of Mexico. Three of the shows, Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara will have full stage productions. That's pretty much the rest of the year for them. They also finished recording their next album. I think they got it done in about a month or so. It probably won't be out until next year. But they did record two other songs earlier this year when they recorded More and those two songs are supposedly going to be released on their own. So we may very well have a couple of new songs from them soon to go along with the tour of Mexico. I think that's it for band news right now.
  2. The Billy Joel channel on Sirius XM is better than this. They play Billy Joel instead of Eddie Money.
  3. These screwy things seem to be happening with presales of all kinds no matter the venue size. Not the first time I've heard about presales being a pain over the last year or so.
  4. I have Sirius XM in my truck. Ozzy's Boneyard, Liquid Metal, and Octane are the channels I listen to. Ozzy's Boneyard plays a decent variety old rock and metal. You'll hear more than just the standards. The other two channels focus mainly on modern metal and hard rock. Radio is more enjoyable to listen to when I don't know what's coming next.
  5. Sammy is really changing the game by playing all classic rock radio staples, huh? 😄
  6. Yeah, after Gutterflower they become pretty blah. I actually think it started happening on Gutterflower. Some of it's pretty good but a lot of it is meh. I will always love Superstar Carwash, A Boy Named Goo and Dizzy Up The Girl though.
  7. Have you listened to Superstar Carwash from them? I've always been very partial to that album. That was the album where they first started what would be their signature sound. It was also the album that finally broke them out in this area where they're from. It has a lot of sentimental value for me.
  8. I remember them. They had that one big hit like 20 years ago 😄
  9. That and who gives a shit about getting autographs and a photo of Sharon, Jack and Kelly? Literally nobody is paying to see them.
  10. They put their performance of Evolve from the VMAs on their YouTube channel now. So go watch it there and give them the views instead of MTV.
  11. Their show at the Pepsi center in Mexico City next month has sold out. 8000 capacity venue. Their biggest headlining show so far.
  12. She was visiting the Modern Drummer headquarters to do an interview with them for winning the readers poll for best up and coming drummer of 2023. I guess they have hall of fame kits given to them and put on display.
  13. Pau playing Alex Van Halen and Neil Peart drum kits.
  14. You get to choose the song and the band member you want to write the lyrics. If you renew at that tier or the two above it, you are eligible to get another set of lyrics. There are fans who have lyrics written by all three. Some choose to have the same member write them and there's others that can't make up their mind and just tell Dany (she's in charge of the Patreon) to send them whatever song she wants. They don't write anything ahead of time. They wait until you request a song. It would be easy for them to write each song out once and just make copies of them to send. But that is disingenuous and not real, upfront and honest. Which is all they have ever been with the fans. I picked Animosity since it was the first song I heard from them. It took less than three weeks to get mailed to me after I asked. Not too bad considering they went right into the studio after that. I tried to post a picture of it off my phone but for some reason this site won't let me do it. I'm probably missing something really easy and obvious.
  15. Too cap off the big week they've had, they were at Modern Drummer headquarters where Pau looks to be giving an interview after winning best up and coming drummer in the 2023 reader's poll. She also posted clips on Instagram of her playing on drum kits from both Alex Van Halen and Neil Peart! Tonight they open for Guns N Roses in Florida. I forgot to mention as part of my Patreon rewards on Monday I received in the mail handwritten lyrics to Animosity by Dany.
  16. They attended the MTV video music awards show last night. They got some good media coverage it looks like. This is a big step for them in finally becoming a lot more well known. They were even mentioned twice on the main show and clips were shown of the two songs they recorded on Friday for YouTube. Here they are. They were on fire with this performance. They are so beyond ready to be huge.
  17. Tyler has sustained vocal damage and ordered not to sing for 30 days. They're only a few shows into the tour so far. They may have to call it a day sooner than they would like. https://blabbermouth.net/news/steven-tyler-sustains-vocal-cord-damage-aerosmith-postpones-several-shows-on-farewell-tour
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