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  1. I'm almost 100% sure they are going to play Fly By Night. The following are Alex's words: " 'Jacob's Ladder' is one that, every tour, is on everyone's wish list. It's a long song, and it would take up a big portion of the set, we just weren't sure whether or not it would be interesting to do that. We thought the same thing with "The Camera Eye." We avoided playing that live until we did the Moving Pictures thing. And that ended up being our favorite song to play. Never mind if it went over well or not, we loved playing it every night. I would love to do "Fly By Night," for example." I'm just glad no one has said The Necromancer. I've always wanted them to play all or some of The Fountain Of Lamneth. That would just absolutely knock my socks off. I'd also like to hear Chain Lightning, Kid Gloves, Twilight Zone, Jacob's Ladder, Cinderella Man, Cut To The Chase, Different Strings, and AFTERIMAGE! They really really need to STOP playing Closer To The Heart, Tom Sawyer, and Working Man. I don't know about you, but I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing those songs in every freakin' live Rush show! I challenge you, RUSH, to the following: If you are so adamant about NOT following the status quo and commercialism, then I challenge you to STOP playing songs that made you rich and famous like Tom Sawyer just because you think that everyone wants to hear it. I'd rather you replace that "POP" song with something obscure, like one of the songs I mentioned above. Thank you, Rush, and I love you!!!
  2. jtm9734

    5 songs live

    1. Fountain Of Lamneth <-- #1 YES!!!! 2. Chain Lightning 3. Jacob's Ladder 4. Beneath, Between, & Behind 5. War Paint If I had it my way, I would wish they would not play Closer To The Heart, Tom Sawyer, Bravado, Resist, Working Man, Subdivisions, The Big Money, Leave That Thing Alone, Roll The Bones, YYZ, Force Ten, Red Barchetta, or Nobody's Hero ever again. I say this only because I know they're not going to continue touring for very much longer, so I can do without those songs. They're too played out as hell. Whenever I hear them play those songs live, I DO NOT say "f**k YEAH!" Instead, I fall asleep.
  3. In terms of production and sound quality, 1. Counterparts (up-front, raw, clean sound) 2. Power Windows (Perfect keyboard/synth album and composition of songs. A lot of musicality going on there) 3. Signals (Just for the sound alone. Listen to this one through headphones ;-) ) 4. Moving Pictures (the miking of the drums is epic; tightness of the band) 5. Grace Under Pressure (composition of songs and drum parts) 6. Hold Your Fire (the quintessential 'Look how perfect we can be' album) 7. Hemispheres (For the composition of the songs, the 'treble-iness' of the sound (which I think is lacking big time in bass, or low end) 8. A Farewell To Kings (For Xanadu alone, but a TON of hits on that album) . . . Vapor Trails is last because it's shit. 2112 is close to the end (I cannot stand the EQing done on 2112. It sounds too 'Dolby Noise-Reduced' to me. And Neil's drums sound like he's playing on pillows on that album.)
  4. I only like the song played live when they play it at the original tempo as the studio recording. That, and only that, impresses me.
  5. Lately I'm been hearing a lot of Subdivisions on the local classic rock station. Every now and then hear Limelight and Freewill.
  6. If anyone is interested, I have an extra ticket for this concert. I bought 3 tickets, one for myself and two for my two brothers, but one of them can't make it. I bought the ticket for $93, but will only charge you $90. Starting today, Aug 23rd, I am going to start reducing the charge for the ticket by $3.00 every day that passes. So if you let me know you want to go the day before, the ticket is basically free. I already have a prospect, but I'm waiting to hear something still from him. This is not a bluff. So get in on this fast if you're serious. I know we don't know each other, but it doesn't matter since we're all Rush fans. I'm not a kid. I'm 37 yrs old and male. I just don't want to see this money and this opporunity go to waste. If you are seriously interested, but are just flat-out broke, I will work something out with you. I just really want to see a real Rush go, without worrying about the money. If you give me a good enough sob story, I just might let you go for free. Please PM me, as this is the fastest way I'll get back with you. Thanks!
  7. Starting Tuesday, Aug 24th, I'm going to begin reducing the price of the ticket by 3 dollars every day that passes. Until the day before, then it's practically free. You'll just owe me $3.00. This is still negotiable, though. If you're just flat out broke, and really want to go, I have a heart and will work with you. What happened is my other brother couldn't go, so now I'm stuck with this ticket. I bought 3 tickets because I was sure he was going to go. That's what I get for not checking with him first. Unless someone has an idea for me to get rid of the ticket. Please let me know. I really don't care whether you sit with me or not. I just need to get rid of the ticket. Thanks!
  8. Anyone want to come along with me? I have an extra ticket. I will charge you $90.00 for the ticket (it costed me $93.00). I'm willing to negotiate a price with you, but I need to get rid of the ticket. And of course you'd have to sit with me and my brother. Let me know by posting here or by PM. I don't care. Oh, and please, take a bath before you come along. Just kidding. LOL Thursday, September 23, 2010. AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
  9. I like Fountain Of Lamneth better than The Necromancer, IMHO.
  10. QUOTE (Xanadoood @ Jul 10 2010, 05:02 PM) I just spoke with Neil, and he'll swing by tommorrow night with your refund. This was an a-hole-ish statement. Totally unnecessary.
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