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  1. I watch 1-3 episodes every night before bed really great series. i'm on the second story arc now which hasn't been as good as the first one, but still very enjoyable. love the old 80's animation/soundtrack and i want to get ripped like Ken is for those who have never watched it, it's basically an animated version of Bruce Lee fighting in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max setting. Ken (protagonist) and many other characters discipline themselves in secret ancient martial art techniques which give them what are basically super powers.
  2. had a dream i was drinking two gatorades at once (the orange and red one).. pretty intense
  3. my neighbors messed up their water line and i think i know how. good job.
  4. no need for a dentist; i have trident
  5. this isnt some stupid game, its a real forum with real people!
  6. Not my favorite album by them but i have a lot of appreciation for it. It has a very holistic feel to it and I find it's always more beneficial to listen to the album in full rather than just select songs. Sometimes not even concept albums accomplish that.
  7. https://twitter.com/vixi_mors/status/1580087400201875456?s=46&t=m4CImnCdbYJYyURTZQ5UnQp
  8. baileys + halloween double chocolate milk
  9. sleeping in my underwear on a 40 degree night with the window wide open 30 degrees is when it gets real fun
  10. apparently a lot of Type O fans have a tradition of listening to October Rust during this month, but i find that weird considering it's a Christmas album.
  11. there's a playlist they listen to for "intimate time", songs to get them in the mood. there are several King Crimson songs in the playlist, and the playlist is played on shuffle. when a KC song comes on Toyah starts complaining and demands Mr. Fripp to "change it to something that isn't complete shite". staged humiliation sort of thing
  12. have a threesome scheduled with Toyah & Mr. Fripp going over the terms & conditions right now lots of stuff to dissect here "Robbie" prefers to watch, seldom participates. happily willing to share his viagra.
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