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  1. Ok now ... windy. At 4am MO Natty busted us with a sturdy gust and sent some gods creatures scampering. At 6 somethingorother, the power was OWT and it did not reappear for almost four hours. Thankfully, it is spring. ... no reports of squirrel mishaps as of yet. FIN Regards, Les Nessman and the Chi Chi Rodriguez fan club (enjoy the upcoming season folks) go Angels
  2. I have been getting them also for quite a while ... 3 weeks or more. Really annoying.
  3. Cowboys & Aliens while under the influence of Don Pancho Licor de Café and white rum. Don't worry ... I won't write a review
  4. The polar vortex is finally leaving ... good f'n riddance!
  5. Happy Birthday TD! I hope you had a great time!
  6. 2019 Tim Hortons Brier ... Canadian mens curling championship
  7. Highway travel not recommended. Day off ...EOM! ... you should have told me that yesterday at 3 pm when I was preparing or at 4am when I woke up. Good night Irene you Google sex machine.
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