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  1. What pissed me off is all the Trump and Clinton political BULLSHIT on T.V. and Facebook.
  2. I got a truckload of blank vinyl fencing today that made for an easy day on the forklift.
  3. Seeing a cop giving somebody a court date on the side of the road. Fu(king bastard m@ther fu(king predator m0ther fu(ker!!! I hate cops!!!!!!!
  4. Rush fans are getting prettier and prettier! Thanks, but it's not even a flattering picture. :) hot
  5. Planning a flight with my son and his buddy tomorrow. We're going flying.
  6. Waving to the poster above me..babycat.
  7. Hi rushlady 23. Still thinking of ya! it's been awhile.
  8. I fabricated and installed the deck rails for the guitar player for Guns & Roses last month. He gave me a bottle of water and paid me NO attention. That's all I got.
  9. .....I launched a model rocket up to over 3,000 ft. with a homemade motor. I think I was 12.
  10. I have the health and the drive to get out of bed and go to work every day.
  11. When I can't sleep I just stare at my eyelids and think about things. That's why I can't sleep. My body will relax but my mind won't shut off.
  12. My CNC machine blew an air regulator. Down time sucks! whatever.......
  13. An old bass through some old tubes is a WONDERFUL thing for some wonderful sounds. if I had to explain......... you know....
  14. I have the health to go to work today.
  15. I was in Denver on 420. Good shit!!!! Stoned! whatever.......
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