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  1. Thanks Treeduck, and all. A Treeduck never forgets!
  2. I took time out of my day to take a family member grocery shopping. This person has a medical condition and can't walk very far, and there were thunderstorms predicted for yesterday afternoon, so I agreed to take them. I got snapped at every time I opened my mouth, even when I pointed out some major savings on a few items(which they chose to buy when I pointed them out). So I stopped talking, and went to wait in the car. If you just need a ride, call a taxi. Oh wait, you can't afford that. It's why you called me.
  3. After thinking that there was absolutely no way that I could afford to go see Rush this year, I found a way to go the Vegas show. :yay:
  4. Happy New Year!!! :7up: :yay: :banana:
  5. I wish they would just announce the tour already! However, they are probably firming up details. I would guess that they aren't even going to start the tour until late June(it's still spring, technically). That gives me hope that they will play Summerfest again this year. (fingers crossed and all that).
  6. Well then, hot apple cider on the bar in a crock pot, coffee is in the large urn by the end of the bar(you can add something special to it if you like), and tea is brewing on the stove in the kitchen. 0 by you, you say? It is in the 40's by me, but hot drinks still taste good! o.k., who put the Santa statue in the Ladie's room? tsk tsk.
  7. A person who always has to have a hissy fit at family events over some perceived wrong. It's getting old.
  8. Hot tub? That old thing? Has it even been cleaned this year? I'd check before you go in there. Something green might be growing in it.
  9. Actually, it is the second such thread. The first got too big and was closed. Consider this the bar. Come in and sit a spell. Thanks Tullskull for cleaning up and restocking.
  10. Having been begged and pleaded with last year to do so, my immediate family is hosting the annual family get together this weekend. Only 7of the 140+ family members are coming. Usually we make the 360 mile trip back to the town where our family is from for this, and only 2 cousins and their children(they have one each) are coming, their dad, and one other uncle/aunt couple. Nice. See if the 16 of us make the trip next year. I think not.
  11. I can't top Treeduck, so I'll just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  12. Thank you for the birthday wishes!(and the dinosaur treeduck) I spent the day doing exactly what I wanted. It's a rare day that I get to do that.
  13. Apparently there is a need for a place like this again. Have a or or :hail: and sit a while.
  14. :yay: HI GG!! Welcome back!!
  15. I knew a bunch of people I work with were looking for new jobs. Now I know who found them because they have unfriended me on Facebook. Nice going people.
  16. I am just sick. You had surgery! They are booting me out tomorrow. When I can walk laps faster than the nurses, it is time to go home! Day 14 by the way(8 days into round 2.) Hey, at least those insurance company's are paid for the year!
  17. Day 5 of round 2 in the hospital. Round 1 didn't kill the bug that gave me pneumonia. I have been in here 12 days total this month. Kill the bug this time! I have a life to get back to! That is all. Have a nice day. :)
  18. Day 3 out of the hospital( I was in for a week) from a bout with pnemonia and I still have to sit for a while after doing anything, even making a simple mircrowaved meal. I have a week's worth of laundry and dishes sitting about and no energy to clean. The roomie is trying, she's done some laundry, outside chores, and grocery shopping, but is working full time too, and taking care of our dog. She has her plate full. I just want to get back to normal!!
  19. I was invited to a close family member's event and then dinner at their house afterward. They have known for weeks that I would be there, and have always made an alternate meal for me if necessary, because I have a few food allergies. Not today. I got jello and salad for dinner because someone forgot to make something for me, while everyone else had a massive meal. Lovely. I had to go home early because I was too hungry to stay and visit any longer. I'll be checking on the menu in the future, or bring my own food. I just didn't think I had to do this with my immediate family.
  20. What pissed me off? Freaking cancer, brain cancer to be exact. One of my former colleagues was diagnosed a year ago. After many treatments, it's still growing, and there may not be any hope. Another former colleague's husband has it too, and guess what? It is growing again. An extended family member has it too, and he is terminal. All guys under the age of 50. Cancer sucks.
  21. In the morning, get your daughter a few necessities if you have time, and leave. You are not safe!
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