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  1. Yes. I just finished the first set and I saw issues in nearly every song. Seems like the video speeds up randomly.
  2. You're reading waaay too much into this. They didn't make an official announcement, simply because it's not their style. It had nothing to do with marketing - they all have PLENTY of money. The fact is, the "icing on the cake" was a genuine, Good Bye. However, I suppose such speculation & accusation is one way to keep this board alive... I'm not reading anything into this actually. I am simply stating an opinion of the last tour and how clever marketing plays into sales. In not making an official statement and leaving it open they accomplished selling more tickets to the shows. "If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice"....If you don't say it is your last tour, but implications are there that it may be, you have accomplished the same thing as saying it is your final tour. If the day comes that you tour again, you don't come off as just another band that jumped on the farewell tour bandwagon. If you feel Neil's bow was a genuine goodbye then you also think they are indeed done? I don't think they are done. I hope they are not, but fully understand if they are. I want to retire someday myself!
  3. OK, maybe this has been raised already, but I had a thought the other day. I feel RUSH has had some very good marketing campaigns these past few years that has boosted their income somewhat. Marketing geniuses? Maybe not to the level of KISS, but to me they're a genius ;) This past tour was specifically (and intentionally in my opinion) left open as to if it was their last or not. They said they wouldn't play that "Final Tour" card. So what was the result of that statement? Several show sellouts! I personally went to 6 shows thinking, yes it may be their last tour, but probably not, but again, don't take a chance and miss some final shows. So we get down to the last show in LA and Neil provides the icing on the cake to the marketing hype by coming out and taking a bow. Oh my gosh, this must be the end, right?? So what I think is going to happen is they will take 1-2 years off and come back on a limited tour (as they have indicated may be a possibility) doing 2-3 shows each in major cities; NYC, LA, Chicago, Toronto, and Cleveland (yes, I had to say Cleveland). So when us fans see they are back we once again go to multiple shows, they sell out many, if not all of them, and everyone is happy. Marketing Geniuses! Now go buy some re-issued RUSH vinyls like good fans... :rush:
  4. Yeah the hoodies are cool, i think that jacket is pretty sweet. You ought to get one then. Honestly, I would if I could. They will sell out fast, same thing happened for the last leather jacket! I was thinking the last jacket was listed on the site for some time. Not a quick sell out. I was waiting for the price to drop, but it never did and it just disappeared from the site. I personally don't care for the new one. It looks like a High School lettermen jacket.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Interesting perspectives. For the record, I do not have anything to "get over". I was just posing a discussion point. I apologize for the original title of this thread, but I thought since I was in the R40 Tour Spoiler Forum that the title would not matter as all these posts contain potential spoilers. MSG was an awesome show as usual. Anthem being one of my favorite songs has grown on me with Geddy's current vocals. Lakeside Park though could be dropped and I wouldn't be upset. I guess i want to hang on to my All the World's a Stage memories. ;-
  6. I have seen the the show three times this tour so far. When I first heard Lakeside Park and Anthem at the Columbus show I was very disappointed. While I really like these particular songs I just don't feel they played them very well. Geddy seemed to be always trying to catch up on the vocals throughout the songs. I was hoping I just saw an off night for these two songs, but after seeing them in Chicago and Toronto the songs didn't get any better. I'm not looking for an argument here. There is no right or wrong, just an opinion. Curious if anyone shared it.
  7. http://i326.photobucket.com/albums/k433/dad2trips/IMG_3157_zpscyochkcr.jpg and yet we have no tour date in Cleveland!
  8. Your picture of the tickets pretty much matches my one ticket I obtained from TM. The fonts all match mine. One difference is my ticket says, "Floor Section C" and your pic just says "Section B". Other than that they sure look real. I am looking to upgrade if anyone has something in the first 5 rows. I am currently in row 17. It's my birthday Monday. I deserve it! :codger:
  9. The folks at Showtech are pretty easy to work with. I just don't like their shipping costs. $20 to ship the Hugh Syme Art book? That is crazy. Anyone know if they will offer this book at the shows?
  10. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rush+license+plate+frame&sprefix=rush+license%2Caps%2C233
  11. I was fortunate to be able to be there live in the audience and I thought it was hysterical. Granted, if Geddy and Neil were able to see Alex's facial expressions they may have been more lighthearted about it.
  12. I have a resolution for all of you ranters...stop going to concerts. That simple!
  13. Well they were playing the full set until the lightning threat came. They had 6 songs left in the second set when they stopped the show.
  14. What makes you think this? When RUSH played the festival in 2010 it was a full set... http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rush/2010/les-plaines-dabraham-quebec-city-qc-canada-13d46935.html
  15. Hoping they do not short cut the Quebec festival tonight. They are the only band on the bill for that stage and they start at 8:30. We will see. edit - The Milwaukee Summer festival saw a full set!
  16. Some venues don't allow signs so either check before or sneak it in! The link below is me in Chicago holding up a sign (for brief periods!)... http://www.rushshowphotos.com/Rush2012/Chicago/25393693_LCp8Sr#!i=2089457723&k=HGCfs4R P.S. I didn't get a pick!
  17. Thats nice! [/chainlightning] Thanks - Chicago show 9/15 VIP tickets 2nd row with my 15 year old son (his 4th RUSH show). My son took the picture. Best money I have spent in a long time!
  18. http://i326.photobucket.com/albums/k433/dad2trips/fdfdba3002314451a6e6dc21981fe7c4.jpg
  19. I have one seat available for sale; Section MEZZ, Row G, Seat 423 Cost was $124.05 - Will sell under face value. Make me an offer! Message me if interested. :rush:
  20. The point for me would be to take a few pictures that I could call my own and if I am lucky enough to get at least one good one to have it framed. How cool would it be to say, I took this one when RUSH was inducted.
  21. I emailed Nokia and got this response...stay tuned. . Thank you for contacting Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE!We have not yet received confirmation from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as to whether or not camera use will be allowed during the event. Our general camera policy is that non-professional cameras, those without detachable lenses, are allowed in the Theatre. Video and audio recording of any kind is prohibited.Please feel free to contact us closer to the event date for more information.Guest ServicesNokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
  22. I have one seat; Section MEZZ, Row G, Seat 423 Cost was $124.05 - will sell for $75. PM me if interested.
  23. Coming from Cleveland (where the event should be anyway!!) via Cancun. Going to be in Cancun for a few days prior for business. My flight from Cancun to LAX is 2,119 miles. Close, but no 2112!
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