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  1. Unfortunately Le Studio never really had a chance. Big recording studios like that are a thing of the past, and its remote location made using it as some sort of shrine unviable. The place was dilapidated already, and the fact that there seemed to be open access up there made it a target for vandalism. I'd be more bothered if there had been any interest in restoring it, but that didn't seem to be the case.
  2. And he kicked her ass too!
  3. Its a shame that this place was left to rot. Would have loved to see it turned in to some kind of resort or hotel. Of course its so dilapidated now, its future is basically sealed.
  4. I love listening to shows in those early days. There was always more time between songs as there were no electronic tuners back then. You can hear Alex using harmonic tuning between songs on this one. Great recording!
  5. True story. I'm watching R40 last night when my wife happened to walk in the room. Lakeside park was playing as she walked between me and the TV when she noticeably cringed and said "Wow, someones out of tune".
  6. Agreed, Geds voice has been declining for some time now, to the point where I wish they wouldn't release live recordings. The R40 tour was a fantastic gift to all of us that wanted to go back to the 70s and 80s just one more time. In an arena Geds voice was perfectly acceptable, on DVD it isn't. I actually just picked up the R40 DVD last week simply because I was at the show with my son for his first concert and I wanted to have it. Listening to it was painful at times, surprisingly more on the newer tunes IMO. Maybe as Ged's voice warms up he's able to do more with it? I thought the second set was pretty respectable though and will probably watch it a few times.
  7. In my 1980 yearbook I used this... Keep on looking forward...no use in looking 'round Hold your head above the ground and they won't bring you down
  8. Thats the one I think. I have seen that series numerous times but I'm not sure if they talked about doing programming at the rehearsals? If not it was from something else. Great series btw.
  9. These days things are a lot easier for the guys. Everything is computerized to the point that everything is programmed beforehand. I recently saw a program with RUSH's sound guy talking about preparing for a tour. The reason rehearsals take so long is that he basically programs the show. So the set everything for the first thirty seconds of a song, then they create a new setup for the next 15 seconds, etc, etc. My guess is that the samples are loaded in to the same pedals for each song, meaning there isn't a different sample in every one of Alex's pedals, only the one or two needed for each song. It would probably make sense that Neil has a click track in his in ear monitor as well, however I think that his internal clock is good enough that he could get away without it. Who knows. But agreed, they were fare more fun to watch live back in the 80s.
  10. It's not like they were married and it doesn't sound like they were very compatible in the first place. He definitely sounded like he wasn't putting any effort in to the relationship. They were obviously living together. But whatever, she's good on a technicality right? But FYI, being cheated on by a wife is just as painful as being cheated on by a girlfriend. And if they weren't compatible and he wasn't putting any effort in to it, why not leave? Because if the other guy hadn't happened, the old boyfriend would probably have been good enough.
  11. I agree, cheating doesn't have to be physical; it can be emotional. And while I don't condone cheating or lying to one's partner, sometimes it does happen. And sometimes it takes that for one to realize that they are, in fact, in the wrong relationship and they need to get out of it. Speaking from experience, just because a person puts energy into an existing relationship it doesn't mean it will improve that relationship. Just because a person is in an existing relationship doesn't mean it should persist. I agree, but at the point where you are going to start cheating, either physically or emotionally, you should end it with your partner at the time. Actually makes it easier if you think about it. Which would you rather here? "Honey, I love and respect you too much to cheat on you. Thats why I'm telling you now that its time to end it" or "Honey, for the last six months, while you have been faithful to you, I've been spending every free moment with somebody else". But regardless, people cheat I get that. My problem is when a woman cheats and comes here and puts a bow on it, everybody's all "you go girl". If a man were to do the exact same thing the responses would certainly not be as kind. It sucks to get dumped. Its crippling to get cheated on.
  12. I'll be a little more honest. How would the group feel if I posted a story about how I went on vacation with my wife where I made a connection with a hot new girl who I proceeded to have an online relationship for the next year (under my wife's nose) before dumping her for the newer model? Great for me right? Seriously, maybe if you took the energy that you were wasting on your new beau and put it in to your relationship with your old beau, things might have worked out. Essentially you were cheating on him. It may not have been sexually, but you were still cheating. I'm glad it worked out for you, but I'm sure your old boyfriends version of the events isn't quite so romantic.
  13. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. :tsk: :tsk: :tsk: Sacrilege. Agreed. They redeemed themselves on that front this past year, though. Yeah, they played . . . most of it. I'll never understand that one but, at this point in time, I am just grateful that they did the entire (almost) song. To me, it was close enough for rock and roll! :guitar: I was just disappointed that they played my favourite part of the song wrong. At the beginning of the song, after the intro, there is the descending chord pattern that Alex plays unaccompanied. This tour he chose to do that bit on the 6 string. Not exactly sure why he chose to do that because he's always played it on the twelve.
  14. I CAN??? Cheryl Tiegs is 70 !! Never mind. You might wanna rethink that 2015 http://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2014014/rs_634x1024-140114200019-634.Cheryl-Tiegs-Sports-Illustrated-Party.ms.011414.jpg http://www.hawtcelebs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cheryl-tiegs-at-si-swimsuit-issue-50th-anniversary-celebration-in-hollywood_1.jpg She looks better there than most 50 year olds and many half her age. I'd hit that.
  15. If they got a new drummer, would he wear Neil's makeup? Oh shit, wrong band! http://popdose.com/wp-content/uploads/peter-criss-neil-peart.jpg
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