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  1. A lot of my videos audio got screwed up because we were so close to the speaker I think, but thankfully this one came out great :P
  2. Awesome pictures man thanks for uploading! I think you were right behind me actually! You were there with custom55 right?
  3. Can you upload an MP3 of you guys playing without vocals? I want to try something :P
  4. Holy shit, that was funny!! Alex would probably laugh his ass off if he saw that one! This one is certainly in the lead :P
  5. So I'm going to be near the front row for the first time and I figured at the end of the show it would be fun to hold up a sign for a few seconds ( of course after asking the people behind me ). So, what would be fun for a sign?
  6. I have one, but it's not for sale because I use it! Sorry :(
  7. I'm guessing they will be playing things from this most recent tour considering they already have warmed up to the songs.
  8. The title of this thread scared me for a second lol... That setlist though WOW!
  9. In case anyone missed it... here is the e-mail they sent out! "Stay tuned for additional tour announcements for the summer dates that will resume when the band returns from their European leg in June. These will include but not be limited to Hershey, Wantagh, Saratoga, Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, and will finally see RUSH return to Grand Rapids and Halifax for the first time in decades!" :madra:
  10. The only logical explanation I can think of is that the V.I.P. pre-sale tickets are the best of the best? Meaning within the first few rows, but if you order them way late you will still be guaranteed a seat within the first 15 rows.
  11. This is very promising! I finished at 12:01 so I hope I get a good seat :x
  12. Okay so I did the VIP deal. Purchase was finished at 12:01 anyone do this last time? What are my odds at front row lol?
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