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  • Birthday 09/18/1973

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    Far From Home...
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    Singing, Dancing, Magick, Bird Watching, Baseball, Rush, Geddy Lee, Steve Vai, Gardening, Nature, Moonlight, Wine, Faeries, Poetry, Animals, Reading, Drawing, Movies, Writing (or at least trying to...), Su Doku, Day Dreaming And about a million other things! Currently most passionate about my Intuitive Jewelry Crafting :-) and learning how to cook vegetarian for myself

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    Time Machine, 2010
  • Favorite Rush Song
    can't choose just one
  • Favorite Rush Album
    changes constantly
  • Best Rush Experience
    discovery of Rush when I was a kid. The music has been so healing in my life Second best has got to be the concert! Holy crap, that was awesome! First show ever, July 22, 2008!!! *eta* Seeing Rush wit Vive in Atl... now THAT was kick-@ss!
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Steve Vai, and a ton of other stuff that rocks...
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    I sing

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