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  1. He may be living in an alternate universe where the impeachment hearings only have to do with climate change.
  2. Nope, but there is a lot that we don't know about Earl that would surprise us. Some of the stuff might involve putting lotion on the skin?
  3. I don't understand this post, NOT ENOUGH CAPS!!!
  4. I am so sorry Lorraine, stay strong, we are part of your extended family here and we love you!
  5. :o I'd be interested in hearing this story, if you feel like telling it, ORF! I've only ever had opium in hash (in the mid-80s in Halifax). It was called "Kashmir", and cost around 20$/gram. My friends and I did about 3 hot-knives each (gross, I know) and were pretty baked for several hours. We listened to a Pink Floyd bootleg which sounded as if it was recorded underwater, and laughed our asses off. y Those were the days! I remember doing hot knives on a pretty regular basis back then. It was mostly hash around back then in Montreal. You could still find pot but most dealers sold hash. These days the opposite is true.
  6. he's some fat loser Hey Orfie :hi: Mr. NOT is MORE of a loser and FAT BLOB than I'll ever be. As far as bananas go, you are a little on the chubby side.
  7. His threads are too high in potassium.
  8. Happy Birthday to the greatest gal I know on the internet!!! :dweez: :dweez:
  9. I like watching all the reactions because it reminds of the first time I listened to these songs.
  10. I love how much she gets into this. She actually makes some good observations after the song, also. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU GET OFFENDED BY THE LORD'S NAME BEING TAKEN IN VAIN. http://youtu.be/MB3Aj-D6lcY
  11. I do not know if this is the first one but it must be one of the first ones because Neil is holding an album that he was not on.
  12. I don't know about that anymore, I actually saw a few of the things in the Breaking Bad movie coming. I was a little disappointed that I was right because I was never really right before when I anticipated things in Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.
  13. I still haven't seen all of Four. Waiting for netflix to roll it out. Me too. I cut the cable so I can't watch 4 until 5 starts. Get yourself a fire TV stick and there are a bunch of apps that you can install on it to watch anything you want, even most of the U.S. live TV channels. The Fire TV Stick is the best value for your money. If anyone wants more info PM me.
  14. I see a class action lawsuit in the works.
  15. Yes, I know! Pretty cool, right? And great picture!! I doubt I'd even recognize Bill Wyman if he walked by me these days. He has such a common look about him now, but he looks very good for his age.
  16. I would not mind him singing too much. His voice wasn't too bad on the Clockwork Angels album and he sang the songs from that album pretty good live. It is the older material that he struggles with.
  17. Stay safe Earl! I hope the fires do not get too close to you. It would be a shame if the caps lock on your keyboard melted.
  18. It seems to be really bad there for fires every year. I don't really know anything about what prevenitive measures are taken to try and prevent the fires. Do they cut clearings in the forests to try and prevent the fires from speading too close to residential areas?
  19. Watch what you say in this thread. I see a scolding coming.
  20. Well it's exciting news! :heart: I even started it in the wrong section too. It's not a good day. Life must be pretty sweet when this constitutes having a bad day. :P
  21. I checked out some info for you and this seems to be the most informative thing I found. It seems like it would not be too difficult to get medical marijuana in New Jersey. It is not even necessary to get a doctor to approve it for you. You can get a doctor's assistant or a nurse to approve it for you also. I think that just telling them that it is for stress management might be enough. Basically, it sounds like you could just call a doctor's receptionist and she/he could tell you over the phone if you could get approval from them. https://www.nj.gov/g...20190702d.shtml
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