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  1. Thanks to Rush for bringing us all here. Mr. Peart will be missed, but the records will always show his musical rhythms and lyrical excellence. Still blown away today. I have great memories of all the concerts past and thank them all for all the joy through music and poetry during the highs and lows of my days. It makes me happy to see all the blast from the past of old user names. I really miss the tours and get togethers with friends and like-minded fans. Their new album releases seemed to mark my passage of time and always gave me that chance to reset my life. I remember where I was in my journey and the eras I shared with my favorite band. Rush on forever! RUSH
  2. vprtrls


    All we need is Neil's daughter is to say that she misses seeing Daddy and Uncle Alex and Uncle Geddy play music at the show. "When can you play again? That was fun!!"
  3. I saw the tour 3 times and missed out too!! Seeing that extra guitar, the Les Paul, no less, just blew me away. I'd have went have went even more nuts at the concert. Thanks for posting the video, I still only watched the first set of the DVD. Bring on the next album and tour :rush:
  4. Simply incredible story telling and writing. Amazing that he opens his heart to his fans like this. I love his writing. :rush:
  5. These guys really do a great job playing Rush music from all eras. I wish I could go, but I will be skiing UP north. They are very entertaining, it is kinda wierd to hear the songs played so well from someone else. Truly an amazing cover band with lots of talent. They throw in a few songs you'll never hear Rush play again. I saw them the night before Rush played the Cleveland show in October 2012 at a place called Lounge 21 for only 5 bucks!!! Where else can you drink a pitcher of beer with your friends and rock out to Rush music (better than watching a video for sure). If you like the keyboard era of Rush (umm, who doesn't?), you'll love the sounds these guys create. The singer is really Ged-like vocally as well. The drummer was nutso and a pleasure to watch up so close. It was facinating to see the bass/guitar fretwork just a few feet from your face. Seeing them was a great way to spend a night partying in Downtown Cleveland. I wonder if they will have some Clockwork Angels tunes up their sleeve? :rush:
  6. These fake interviews are lame as are the writers (and further embellishers/enablers) of them, please go away...you have not made my day. :rush:
  7. Today we get Red Sector A and Middletown Dreams with a bit of a Geddy interview of RSA. Thanks for the heads up! :rush:
  8. :rush: is awesome! Thanks for the tour and the upcoming DVD. Rush will be cash-grabbing when I can buy Rush toilet paper.
  9. If this is a cash grab, it is the promoters and the record companies making the grab, not the members of Rush. All you haters (the same ones per usual) continue to suck simply for the sake of sucking. This is 5,000 sets x $100 = $500,000 gross. That's not alot of cash to grab out of that half-million considering the cost of making and assembling the 5,000 sets. Net profit here is minimal for the players. Looks like a great deal for a hundie to me. I'd order a set but I already ordered the DVD and Blu-Ray. :rush:
  10. Certainly for me it was Test For Echo. But like all post-Moving Pictures Rush albums (for me), there is alot going on that my brain is not prepared for...It is usually hard to instantly find a catchy groove because of the depth and maturity of the music and lyrics. Though for Clockwork Angels, the Anarchist had me dancing right away!!!! :rush:
  11. f***ing Canadians, eh? He's f***ing Geddy Lee, he can say whatever he wants!! ;) I like the sound of R42. Take a break, reconnect with your family, and when the time is right...let's do this again. :rush:
  12. That's cool. You saw my post after the AC show regarding the pick Alex threw me? I "should" have one, but thanks to the jerk next to me I don't. This happened to me as well Alex threw me one at the first Halifax show but then it bounced off my hand and the bloke behind me who stood in an awkard angle and certainly not in the direction the pick was coming from when Al threw it my way managed to steal it from me This guy lthen looked at me with such an arrogant smirk on his face and when I told him it was really meant for me he then tucked it really slowly into his pocket of his pants. He so was NOT intended to have gotten it from Alex and he damn well knew it!! At the Palace of Auburn hills show last September, Alex had wandered across the stage and was closer to Ged's keyboard when he flicked his pick at half-time. Low light, failing eye-sight and slower-than-my-former-goalie-quick reflexes had the frisbeeing plastic discette float about 1 inch above my outstretched hand. It zipped past me and landed two rows behind... and NOBODY saw that this had happened. I took a look around to see who was where and if anybody was scurrying on hands and knees to retrieve the unclaimed treasure... but NO... nobody moving. I thought about sort of wandering back to crawl around but saw a young man hanging right where the pick had landed so I waved at him and yelled at him to look down. "What?!" "Alex tossed his pick this way and it landed at your feet... look down!" He looked down, scoured the floor and came up with GOLD! He held it up and waved and gave me huge mouthed "THANK YOU! Today is my birthday... this is PERFECT! Thank you!" I watched him show the folks around him, all giving him pats on back and high fives, and older gent ( I assume his dad ) looked my way with a thumbs up and a "Thanks!" as well... I would have loved to catch that thing but felt all warm and fuzzy that a young fan with many more years to appreciate his birthday gift landed that gem. Rock on! http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%2007%20Marysville/Rush07Marysville129.jpg http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%20posters/Rushposter001.jpg I remember that, I was Row 4, I was one of the high-fivers :) I recall him being the birthday boy. :rush: I'm hoping to hand-deliver my CW cd (with return postage) to someone at the venue early on show day, or the night before for KC.
  13. Thanks for offering up the VIP extras. I think you have a fair price for some unobtanium Rush swag. Ignore the usual whiners that aren't going to buy them anyway. The T-shirt is easily worth 60 bucks. I'm still hoping for a Rush miracle VIP ticket with swag for the KC show. If anybody has an extra VIP, please PM me ASAP!!! :rush:
  14. Thanks for the sweet links!!! Lots of cool bands at the festival, especially ACCEPT :haz: and of course RUSH!!! Love the photos. :rush:
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