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  1. Lessee Basically Gackt, The Black Mages, and Kansas have been my playlist for the last week or two
  2. wait, good electronica? On here? Boards of Canadia are awesom3
  3. QUOTE (MULTIPLIED REACTION @ Nov 10 2008, 01:20 PM) Blue Oyster Cult is underrated in my opinion. BOC were the first classic rawk band I was really into Fire of Unknown Origin is still one of my favorite albums
  4. I have absolutely no friends and live in the middle of nowhere
  5. DT, they can write lyrics that don't suck from time to time . I actually quite like Train of Thought
  6. Queen - A Night at the Opera I heard Bohemian Rhapsody all the way through for the first time today and had to have it
  7. Stagnation, Visions of Angels, White Mountain... Trespass is one of my top Genesis albums. Criminally underrated imo
  8. eh... Hail to the Thief has some superb material (stuff like "The Gloaming") but it also has some real stinkers (stuff like "I Will"). While it's (of course) more good than bad I'd still put it after OKC, Kid A, and In Rainbows
  9. I'll suggest the Bends as well. Generally the album receives superb reviews (5's on nearly all of the Wiki links and amazon) and also I usually like starting into a band with their "breakthrough" album; and this is it. Fake Plastic Trees and My Iron Lung are two good introductory downloads if you're curious
  10. I don't think this should be a problem since both EPs are long out of print. This guy has vinyl-ripped copies for download of both 3 x 3 and Spot the Pigeon http://rippedvinyl.blogspot.com/
  11. What the hell? some cops go on ego trips, that happens... check the fine amount and get some input from your lawyer. Some of you are acting like total morons, honestly the "child ran over" and "truncheon shot" comments were totally ridiculous and inappropriate. It's a single goddamn "?" on a plate. No additonal stickers, likely no covering or even intruding on any of the numbers whatsoever. A slightly rude sounding "get it off your plate" would've sufficed. Honestly. I'd hate to talk about the criminal offense of J-walking with you guys ("Oh God what if it was someone with an AK running towards your unsuspecting family!? if they would've patiently used the crosswalk you could've got away lOLOLOLOL111!!!!") If the cops in your area get confused between "GOTRUSH?" and "GOTRUSH" then in any of the uncalled for homicide/genocide situations proposed here you're completely screwed anyway.
  12. Wait 70's era prog rock CAN age well? IMO classic Yes, like alot of early King Crimson, and most Tull all fall into that "if i'm in the mood for a time capsule to the 70's..." it's probably the production or something. Anyways... My favorite albums are Trespass, The Lamb, Foxtrot, and Abacab. Yes Abacab. After the poor consistancy and fairly repetitive lyrics that were Duke, Abacab packed some edgy complex sounding stuff (Me and Sarah Jane, Dodo) as well as the best pop stuff up to that point (Abacab, No Reply at All) plus just plain weirdness (everything else) the last two are a little dodgy but oh well.
  13. QUOTE (Rushian King @ Mar 21 2008, 01:47 PM) BTW, the songs I listened to sound emo-ish to me. Whether they actually are or aren't would mean I'd have to care enough about emo (pro or con) to distinguish a difference. Emo is nothing more than that exact sound, I wasn't using Emo as a derogatory word (I actually LIKE some of it) just an umbrella term for a specific sound no more or less relevent than something like "New Wave". In my other post I was a bit hard on AFHA I actually really like that song. If you don't like those I can't think of anything else that would grab you immediatly, Coheed are pretty consistant quality wise for better or for worse here's one you could give a try I guess: The Crowing; Ignore the video
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