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    Contemplating my confusing connection with the cosmos contained within the context of my cranial conclusions.

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    First concert: July 20th @ White River Amphitheater
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    Are you.......kidding?
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    right now, Hemispheres
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    Having "Tom Sawyer" burst through my stereo speakers for the first time, thus permanently changing my musical outlook.
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    Guitar, Bass Guitar
  1. Sorry, I had to dig up this thread. Just started listening to some King Crimson. The three 80s albums have really caught my ear. I'm gonna keep listening...
  2. The Willing Well from that one album with the really long name is amazing. They have a unique sound, and I can respect that. Awesome band.
  3. Vapor Trails. That album has grown on me so much.
  4. I post on this forum every day without fail.
  5. On the Hundred and third day of Christmas my rush love gave to me 103 open secrets 102 boys alone 101 ways the wind blows 100 Suits of Armor 99 Things 98 Monkeys that do business 97 Stones to carve away 96 ways to find my way back home 95 Tama Artstars 94 Fender Jazzes 93 Solo's on a PRS Guitar 92 New Rush Albums 91 Epic Drum Solos 90 Larger Bowls 89 Angels a Workin' 88 bowls of soup 87 Malignant Narcissists 86 Fancy Dancers 85 Didacts and Narpets 84 fire hydrants 83 Airplanes made of Beef 82 Snakes and arrows 81 Signals 80 pieces of classic literature to use for lyrics 79 Cries from Afar =DD 78 Hemispheres 77 parts of "fear" 76 Spirits of the Radio 75 more Rush references for this thread 74 Temples of Syrinx 73 Working men 72 Tobes of Hades 71 Digital Men 70 Certain nights 69 Alien shores 68 brief eclipses 67 Locks and keys 66 Halves of the World 65 Tai Shan mountains 64 English Rains 63 hopeful bridges 62 Valleys flooded in light 61 High school halls 60 Pages a' Turnin' 59 camera eyes 58 Friends to Take 57 Stars that Stopped in the Sky 56 gods of Balance 55 Signals 54 Trails of Vapor 53 Retrospectives 52 Subdivisions 51 Methods of Rhythm 50 Shipwrecked mariners 49 Anthems of the heart and mind 48 Mystic Rhythms 47 Things to Leave Alone 46 Honeydew melons 45 Fawn-eyed girls 44 Mad Immortal Men 43 Dreamlines 42 Bones a'rolling 41 Kneeling Kings 40 one less teacher 38 fisheye lenses 37 minutes to Drum to Moving Pictures 36 vibrating wires 35 Tests for echo 34 Pieces of (Lemony) Cake 33 Power Windows 32 eggs in vises 31 oracles from a better time 30 pemanent waves 29 Vital Signs 28 Gates of the Year 27 Shrimp Cots 26 Snow Dogs 25 Jacob's ladders 24 secret country places 23 Different Stages 22 Planets of the solar federation 21 smokes on the pier 20 tossing derby hats 19 flighty nights 18 Tide Pools 17 Dog Years 16 Totems 15 unpressured graces 14 Ghosts of a Chance 13 Steels caressing 12 Neil Pearts Drumming 11 Red Barchettas 10 Little Victories 9 magic rabbits 8 Spotted dalmations 7 Magic Digits (1-0-0-1-0-0-1) 6 Priests of Syrinx A Fiiiiivve Pointed Star! 4 Pictures that move 3 Puppet Kings 2 Magic Prism Eyes And a Blue Owl in a Lofty Oak Tree
  6. Somebody should actually measure this. Scientifically. Hmm, that one part in Anthem is pretty high...or maybe it's just really ferocious..."wonders of the world they wrrrrooooooOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  7. Force Ten. I totally love the lyrics! Even if they're co-written by Pye DuBois! And I love the guitar/synth interplay at about 3:15 in!! Awesome!
  8. Vapor Trail. Man, I hate these polls. This is hard! I also really dig One Little Victory, and everything from Vapor Trail through Freeze.
  9. yes, yes, yes! ...and The Camera Eye (just to bring that up again).
  10. If you can get past the heavy-handed arrangements and production (and in some cases, poor songwriting), 90125 and Big Generator aren't as bad of albums as some make them out to be. However, my real favorite is Drama, which, although not featuring Rabin, is still '80s Yes...Machine Messiah and Tempus Fugit are two of my all-time favorite Yes songs...
  11. The Main Monkey Business...this one will sound soooo gooooood live!!! YEAH!!! I'm also really diggin' Armor and Sword, The Larger Bowl, and The Way the Wind Blows. I hope they play these ones. I wouldn't even be sad if they didn't play Far Cry (but they will).....it's lost a little of its initial excitement for me.
  12. Appetite is a sweet piece of work. "Paradise City" rocks like a mofo. Too bad Axl Rose makes me wanna heave. It's just difficult for me to find any redeeming value in GnR.
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