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  1. Hadn't seen that! He and I measure a successful golf round differently Me: shots against par Him: shots over the legal limit
  2. Luckily he was rarely on the fairway or green, so I didn't see him much
  3. RGK on Twitter > Trump-Biden informercial
  4. This reminds me...it debate night!!!
  5. "The Randy Disher Project is a band that Randy Disher leads, formed by him and some friends in high school. He sings and plays guitar for his band. Their only song is I Don't Need a Badge."
  6. In my scramble foursome last weekend was a guy that LOVES LiV golf...the shorts, the music, the shotgun start. I said to him, "You and I are very different people"
  7. I was just talking to my wife about them. Back in HS we used to hang out in Olympia, WA, which oddly had a pretty cool underground punk scene. Sleater-Kinney is the road that connects The highway to Capitol Mall.
  8. LIV Golf TV partner shutters midway through inaugural season As it turns out, Caffeine TV needed a jolt much bigger than LIV Golf. On Wednesday morning, the upstart sports streamer with funding from the VC giant Andreessen Horowitz and the Murdoch family abruptly closed, citing lagging profits just months after securing LIV’s digital broadcast rights. https://www.google.com/amp/s/golf.com/news/liv-golf-caffeine-tv-streaming-shutters/
  9. What the Lakers and Dodgers have become makes me Thanks, Obama
  10. What would we do without Derek?!? Thanks for all the work, buddy!
  11. Hmmm... It's an interesting idea. I tried a few bands and the results were a little odd
  12. Not to nitpick, but I believe the song is simply called Roller And, yes, it should be played far more often than it is
  13. What did you think of Barak getting sent off?
  14. Georgia looked great in the match, though Portugal had its chances, for sure.
  15. I'm really feeling blessed, cuz my local station plays all of those
  16. I'll give more props to our local classic rock station for their RUSH content. In tge past six months alone I've heard... Working Man Fly By Night A Passage to Bangkok Closer to the Heart Xanadu Circumstances Trees Spirit of Radio Freewill Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta Limelight Subdivisions New World Man Big Money Time Stand Still
  17. Fox on the Run and Going Down... as well, and they're all still played a ton here. Of those, I'm tired of Slow Ride the most. The others still
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