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  1. I love their old school vibe ala Dr Roberts
  2. Every time I enter this thread I go back to the 2004 comments. ..and love them! I just saw a black metal band and next up is Miley Cyrus go figure
  3. Every time I enter this thread I go back to the 2004 comments. ..and love them! I just saw a black metal band and next up is Miley Cyrus go figure
  4. GUP sounds a little too much like the Police sound-wise. I didn't realize until all these years later when I started getting more into the Police and hearing the similarities. I'm hip!
  5. Personally, after signals, everyone was really amped for grace because music at the time was very heavy. It was only anticipatory that rush would follow suit along the likes of scorpions priest ozzy maiden acdc van halen...but then we got grace...it was one to chew on for sure...not heavy...different. i was disapponted but they were still my band...when power windows came out I think they found a groove and certainly a balance of instruments. I was very excited for the big money and it was justly celebrated on the radio as the number one song for weeks in Massachusetts. The tour was fun for everyone. HYF was ok but TSS was a gem. That tour revealed how the live versions translated better than vinyl. That tour I was like is Alex getting fat? Funny how they weren't into it but to me watching them pull it off live got me chirping pretty loud...
  6. i almost forgot...the double lead guitars are sweet throughout.
  7. Here's a grrrrreat link to a full Boston show in 1979 at Giants Stadium. I don't know about you, but I loved Boston in 1976 and I remember hearing Don't Look Back on the radio in 1978 when the family pulled into the mall saying, "that's new Boston!" I was right. My jaw dropped when i saw a huge promo display of Boston while I was casually chatting with my brother inside. I lived Boston -and Kiss. Well ff to yesterday; I looked up some youtube and found this show and realized this band is tight! For some reason I thought the band was all TOM -including the bass, etc. The old video for More Than A Feeling made me feel like this band wasn't real. SIB wasn't on that record and he wasn't synched to the song in the video at all as far as drums go. I knew Barry Goudreau was good but i thought he just showed up for some minute shit in the studio. after seeing this video...he was a huge part of Boston! HUGE! Plus his voice is very unique, kind of like the old singer for Journey/Santana. This band has no weakest link at all. I'm saving the best for last... FRAN is a beast on bass! Not only that, but he is funny as hell!!!!!! I thought he was a joke from that MTAF video albeit funny, but...watch this guy. He is amped and digging every minute of it and he is all over the fretboard. Watch this video! Even though they said the tour was a huge hassle, it certainly doesn't show here. Boston = One of my top five bands of all time. BEATLES RUSH ZEPPELIN BOSTON STONES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqK99xTYYAs
  8. I got a refund no questions asked
  9. Holy shit I never seen neil run so fast lmao.
  10. Holy shit I never seen neil run so fast lmao.
  11. Dvd is a cross between p/g and rio interesting
  12. Lots of shots of my violin girl xoxoxoxox
  13. Wtf I think they put in disc two by mistake
  14. I'm in dedham there's a yardhouse on site!!!!
  15. geddy sounds really great! they are pretty sloppy at times but i don't care.
  16. Neil's updates = coffee + time to chill + :) + reading + HOPE ;)
  17. Yeah the bass in CU after the solo when Geddy plays in the lower register is boss
  18. I hated VT when it first came out because I just didn't get it at all...now I really dig it ..its so jammy
  19. I forgot my copy in my friends car last night :(
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