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  1. New Cats In Space album, Kickstart The Sun Pendragon - The Masquerade Overture Chingon - Mexican Spaghetti Westerns. Featuring the great MalagueƱa Salerosa which appears in Kill Bill Vol. 2
  2. RIP Mo, a great servant to the music industry.
  3. When I look back to that final tour I so wish I could have got to a show. Without knowing what was happening with Neil's health at the time, fans over here in UK just assumed that it would be a case of the normal pattern of a US/Canada tour followed by a European tour. Sadly not to be.
  4. I was stuck in the house all day waiting for a couple of deliveries so to kill time I waded through this anniversary box set from 1993. Some good stuff and some not so good. The good - CD1 and CD2. Also the earlier live material on CD4. The not so good - Ian's voice on CD3 re-recordings. These were recorded in 1992 - by this stage Ian's voice was shot I'm afraid. Also the later live tracks on CD4 show just how much Ian's voice has deteriorated.
  5. I also heard the cockroach joke used about Lemmy ......... and he has passed! But Cher and Keith both look indestructable!!
  6. Well now we shall see!! In fairness they deserved to win ... the new manager has done wonders.
  7. I shall try to summoin up a bit more enthusiasm this season ...... a winning start by Liverpool is always a help. I fear that if the result goes a particular way tonight in the Woman's Euro final, we will have another 1966 scenario. Hearing about it over and over and over and over .....
  8. New album from Cats In Space. Great fun for all lovers of '70s rock. Rammstein's latest. With track titles such as Dicke Titten (Big Tits), how can they possibly go wrong! Faultless Happy To Meet...Sorry To Part - the debut album by Horslips in 1972/73. I can never understand why this band weren't huge.
  9. I have seen both versions of Queen (with Paul Rodgers and with Adam Lambert) live. TBH, much as I love Paul Rodgers voice, I just didn't think he fitted in with the style of Queen's music. Adam Lambert however is a much better all round fit for the band - never gonna be as good as Freddie, but still allows Queen to be a jolly fine live experience.
  10. No removals, just Garden Road added.
  11. Impossible! We would have a bro-mance!
  12. Have a good one Geddy!
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