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  1. Just FYI, the Symphony's page for the event says the following: "Please note: Special guests are appearing virtually to share their support for music, resilience in the arts, and the VSO in this benefit event. They will not be performing with the VSO."
  2. I was at work. I was scrolling through social media for a few minutes and saw it. I checked a few news sites to confirm. We have a conference room that has a privacy curtain; I went in, closed the door and cried for a while.
  3. I've really been enjoying Sean Magee's remasters, so I certainly hope we get at least a few more of them on CD, including MP.
  4. January 7, 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. Little could we have imagined that the shock and loss we felt last January was merely the beginning of a truly awful year. As the first anniversary of this sad and momentous day approaches, I'm wondering what everyone has planned to commemorate it. As for me, I'll be listening to every studio and live album in chronological order over the next week or so. If time permits, I'll probably add in a few of my favorite boots as well. Also, last year, I bought a bottle of the Macallan 12 to toast The Professor, and I've been nipping at it ever since; on the 7th, I plan to polish it off.
  5. I cried last Friday when I found out, and I've briefly teared up a number of times since then. The reasons, I think, are many, but first and foremost, as others have mentioned, it's the cruel irony of him leaving a wife and young daughter behind after all he'd gone though. It's guilt at having expected the band to keep going for my own pleasure, knowing that he could've been at home enjoying time with his family instead. It's regret that it's really, truly over, and that the world lost such a remarkable talent. It's grief at the passing of an incredible human being who deserved to have a much longer life. All of these things together just coalesce into a huge wave of sadness that washes over me. It shouldn't have ended this way.
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