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  1. Saw KISS and Motley Crude last night in Phoenix, AZ. It was around 109 degrees at showtime but it didn't affect either bands performance and energy. The venue was entirely full, with approx 18,000 all sweating in the heat but fired up for the show. This was a f***ing Rock Concert, in the most true sense. The Crue came out and just tore the place to shreds. Their set was insane and they can all still play and sing very well. Vince Neil is a total pro and really worked his ass off. Tommy did his fair share of talking to the crowd too, even with his drum set upside down! Last thing Tommy said as they finished their set and were walking off stage was, "we love you mother f*ckers". Classic. Their sound was good and the stage show was awesome. Great lighting, lasers, tons of Pyro, constant fog, sexy girls dancing and used as backing vocalists, lots of energy. Total rock show, loved it! KISS came out and destroyed the joint. I feel like I went to a concert and watched a fireworks display. Man, these guys can still bring it big time. They sounded really good, hit all their notes and put on a major production. You're hard pressed to find a better front man than Paul Stanley. The guy hasn't lost anything and is the definition of "pro musician". This was the 12th time I have seen Kiss and maybe the best show ever. Not much of a review, sorry. Just wanted to write something and say that this was a Rock Concert. If you like these bands, go see them.
  2. I feel it's possibly the best album ever, and as a recording engineer it's certainly the record that all others are judged by. It changed the whole scope of music.
  3. I heard The Wreckers on 93.3 in Phoenix, AZ last night.
  4. QUOTE (Hatchetaxe&saw @ Aug 4 2012, 01:36 AM) Anyone like Uncle Tupelo? Wilco 'was' Uncle Tupelo. I grew up in St. Louis and saw the original band many times. To answer the thread question, Yes I like Wilco.
  6. Great band! One of my favorite's. Enjoy the show.
  7. QUOTE (Sheldon Cooper @ Jul 27 2012, 04:50 AM) QUOTE (launchpad67a @ Jul 26 2012, 08:19 PM) Strange seeing all lowercase threads and no polls on page 1 of my music forum. And no single sentence paragraphs... Exactly! Must Use All Of The Page For My Posts
  8. Tough question, but a few come to mind pretty quickly. -Toured Europe opening for the band Extreme. -Shooting major fireworks displays all over the country, but specifically a show in St. Louis on barges on the Mississippi river consisting of over 27,000 shells. -Playing drums in countless bands for 1000's of gigs. -Working production (sound, lighting, stage mngt) for major concerts. All my jobs in life have been very cool, I think.
  9. The record rocks, tells a good story, and has very good performances on it. ** waits for the usual haters to ruin this thread. Won't be long now...
  10. Strange seeing all lowercase threads and no polls on page 1 of my music forum.
  11. Thanks Daylin! We are excited and major change has always worked well for us in the past. Pool is always open to you. Hope you're doing well.
  12. It's been in the works for about a year now, but a few weeks ago my wife and I decided to make the move to Phoenix on August 1. She has been working there for the past 2 years and commutes from our current home in Prescott, AZ, which is 90 minutes north of Phoenix. She's gone on average about 5-6 days at a time and it's taken it's toll on her. She holds a high profile position at the Arizona Biltmore, one of the top 10 resorts in the country. I can do my job(s) from anywhere (own a web design company, play in 2 bands, run production for major concerts and large events, and shoot professional firework displays). But one nice bonus for me that comes with moving to Phoenix is the amount of work I can get, especially in the concert and firework business. I've had a number of offers from major production companies wanting to bring me on board full time, and the fireworks company I work for is based in Phoenix. They want me to shoot more shows around the state for them as well. So these things make me happy and make the move a little easier. Both of my bands play all around the state, so the move won't effect gigs for either of them. We travel for most gigs anyhow, so it's no big deal. I can obviously run my web design business from anywhere, so nothing changes there either. So while I'm sad to leave this beautiful city in the mountains and move to the hottest city on earth, there are a number of huge doors that will open. Come on over, we have a killer house with tons of room...and an awesome pool!
  13. QUOTE (Priest of Syrinx @ Jul 25 2012, 01:30 PM) QUOTE (launchpad67a @ Jul 24 2012, 07:55 PM) Its has one of the best chorus' on the record and is very listenable. Not sure why any of you are bitching about a Rush song getting radio play. Who cares what song it is. Real fans of the band would never bitch about hearing their songs on any radio station. Fcking bitch, bitch, bitch. I feel sorry for your wives and girlfriends. Sorry, neither my wife nor my girlfriend is a bitch. nice one!
  14. There are a number of plugins available for various audio editing software that do a fair job at removing vocals. But for this song I don't think they would be very effective. None of my business, but why does the visiting team even get a music intro? Maximum production value would be better served if you crank something powerful only when the home team comes out.
  15. Its has one of the best chorus' on the record and is very listenable. Not sure why any of you are bitching about a Rush song getting radio play. Who cares what song it is. Real fans of the band would never bitch about hearing their songs on any radio station. Fcking bitch, bitch, bitch. I feel sorry for your wives and girlfriends.
  16. QUOTE (Tick @ Jul 18 2012, 04:58 AM) Never even heard of this band, but let me make the 43rd post in the, "Camel sub forum" because Camel is too big for just a thread, they need a sub forum! Sorry guys, No Camel sub forum, not gonna happen. Good band though, and I smoke their cigarettes everyday.
  17. This is a good question, and I've sat here thinking for 10 minutes and can't come up with anything. I embrace technology and feel in most ways it can benefit you.
  18. QUOTE (USB Connector @ Jul 17 2012, 07:04 PM) I saw Def Leppard yesterday. Setlist spoilers for Poison (minor) and Def Leppard (major) Lita Ford opened for poison: she had her ass to the crowd most of the time trying to be sexy (sorry ma'am, but you have no sex appeal left and I'm glad there were no cameras to do close ups for the projector). Between songs she kept bringing up how her new album was available. She didn't seem interested at all. It was painful to watch and painful to listen to. I had already made my round at the merch booth so I had nothing to do but sit through it. Poison opened for Def Leppard: I don't like their songs for the most part, but I was looking forward to their last few songs on the set (unskinny bop and talk dirty to me). Bret Michaels caught me off guard. He packed a ton of energy and despite the fact that most of the music isn't exactly my cup of tea I was very much engaged and enjoyed it. Every rose has it's thorn was particularly amazing to hear live (I hadn't heard it before). The drum and guitar solos were quite impressive. I wasn't phased so much by the drumming after having seen Neil Peart's solos but I must give Poison the benefit considering Neil's amazing skill. I went in with low expectations, wound up loving it despite the crap lighting and no cameras for the projector. I was very happy. Def Leppard: They opened with Undefeated, a song I found mediocre by studio recording, but DAMN they had style while performing it. It sounded much better live. They moved into Rocket, amazing, especially during the chorus. They keep that up during Let it Go. On comes Foolin' when suddlenly, Joe Elliot's voice dies during the chorus. Instant state of WTF. It was like the vocal track just died on the part of the song everyone wanted to hear during the song everyone wanted to hear. I didn't expect him to hit the notes, but I expected to hear the words "Is anybody out there" at a higher pitch than the chorus. Nothing came from the speakers, meanwhile on the projector you can see him forcing pretty hard with no results. It was sad to watch. Every time he had to hit a high note this happened, which completely ruined Animal, Love Bites, Hysteria, Bringin' on the Heartbreak and Armageddon it. After that he drank something and he nailed Photograph, Pour some sugar on me and Rock of Ages, but I don't think it was enough to save the concert, especially for how long they took to start the encore. On the plus side, everything else was spot on. There was an acoustic section where every band member sat with a guitar on a box to do an acoustic medley. Thirty seconds after everyone sat down Rick Allen came on with a shaker. One of the guitarists got up and gave him his spot next to Eliot. It was a beautiful moment on stage which had some very beautiful arrangements. I loved the acoustic section. Despite how Def Leppard exceeded my expectations of the concert going in, Elliot's shotty voice ruined almost half the setlist (all of which were the band's signature songs). The concert was good, but I left disappointed because my favorite songs were missing a vocal track and only had a picture of a struggling man on stage as compensation. I've seen them a few times and once from the front row, "in the round". Always amazing concerts. They are as Pro of a band as you'll find anywhere. Shame you had to see a show where Joe lost his voice, at least you know the vocals were real... Their live mix is always killer and they can all really play their parts. Total pros. Thanks for the review!
  19. I've been vice president of the Fraternal Order of Eagles for the past 3 years here in my city. We are one of the largest charitable organizations in the country and have 1000's of clubs (aeries). Here is a list of clubs in IA. See if there is one in your city. http://foeiowa.com/locate_an_aerie_.htm Full US website http://foe.com/index.aspx Hit me up for more info if interested.
  20. A few of you saw my post, 4 pages back, and thanks. The guitars are to f*cking loud, thick and effected on this record. They cover up everything, and this, and only this, is why the drums and vocals don't sound as up front as they should. Period. Nothing can sound good with all that noise going on. Turning up the drum tracks only makes the drums sound worse. Trust me, those DW's sound great, but you can't hear them through all the guitar noise. Alex likes 30 tracks of guitars, and most of them seem to make it onto the final mix. If Alex says, "I want all those tracks", they make it onto the mix. Alex mixed those live albums that sound like complete crap, remember. Granted, those were just single track guitars, but he can't mix and doesn't seem to understand, less is more. This album isn't brick walled, mixed poorly, or anything like that. There's just too much going on, and it's mostly guitars. I love this album, love it! But you cannot turn it up without it sounding harsh. Can't blame that entirely on the engineer or producer. The band has the final say, and I guarantee it didn't get printed unless they ( Alex) was happy with it. f***ing guitar players...more me! Just accept the record for what it is...a great record. Listen and enjoy the songs, just don't turn it up too loud. A great record could be recorded on a cell phone and still be great.
  21. Has it ever occurred to anyone that it might not be the fault of the producer or engineer for whatever you feel is wrong with this record? Could it be the band? Nah, no way. What could possibly be wrong with layering 30 guitar tracks per song, with bass, drums, synths, effects and vocals? That's gotta sound great, all those guitar tracks competing for space with all the other single tracked instruments...right? No, not right. The "producer" obviously has a major input on the direction, sound and structure of the songs, but he doesn't have the final say. Ultimately the band determines how much content each song gets, i.e; number of tracks. The "engineer" only records and (sometimes) mixes what the band plays. If Alex wants 30 guitar tracks, the engineer records them, period. They may not use all those tracks, but that's up to the producer, then the band. I guess what I'm saying is, this record is thick with tracks. There is a shit load of sound competing for space. When you have all those layers, things get noisy. I feel this record has so much guitar on it, it covers up everything. This is not necessarily the fault of the producer or engineer. If the band wants all those layers, they get it.
  22. Been a huge fan for years. She's a great artist and her band is bad ass! You see her a lot with a guitar lately, but she's really a Hammond Organ player.
  23. Nice work! I enjoyed the whole read.
  24. Come on...seriously!? Why on earth would you start a thread like this? It's just lame and uncalled for. Just an observation, but from what I've seen of your posts on this forum so far, they are mostly like this. Get real and be constructive with your posts.
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