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  1. I have never had luck with the backstage website I think I kind of gave up on it a few years ago. I had better luck on various auction sites. I did, however, think that robe was really cool.
  2. I saw the ARW tour and that was so much more Yes then the HOWE version. Anderson couldn't have sounded better that night to the point Heart Of The Sunrise made me cry. Let's face it, Most of these guys need the touring money so why not burry the hatchet and say goodbye. The fans deserve it. We have put up with all the craziness over the years and YES with Howe is a cover band.
  3. I have recently started to really get into finding the best quality sound for Rush albums. I basically think it's vinyl, with Blu-ray running a neck behind. My question is does anyone use Atmos with a surround set up. I have been thinking of upgrading because my equipment stops at Dolby Master HD. Listening to Rush on high rez or Blu-ray spoils you because you don't have to fuss with the records. Like most other fans, I am baffled by the lack of good 5.1 mixes. I do like some of them but they are very .. pedestrian? Anyone out there who had a recommendation I would appreciate.
  4. I will definitely buy a couple of those tonight. I wonder if he has any stuff on Blu-ray or he mixed his own stuff on 5.1. I appreciate you confirming what I said because I don't know much about music I just know the way stuff sounds. I think anyone who can elevate another artists music so that I feel like I am hearing it again for the first time has something special. I been debating buying that reissue set that had the Farewell to Kings Blu-ray he did. I have the original blu ray mix but that Richard Chuckie guy does not know how to mix surround.
  5. So I am not a huge prog fan but love Yes. I recently listened to this Steven Wilson guy's remixes and honestly it blew my mind. I knew he was a musician because I read prog for the Yes stories but dam I think the guy is a genius in the way he mixed those albums. The music came alive and I been listening to Yes for well on 40 years now. So is there some music that Steve Wilson has made that someone can recommend? Obviously, people are not hot on this one but..I am sorry for going off topic but his work might be the best music I have ever heard. I hope I don't sound nutty.
  6. I was not a huge fan of the reissues but loved the live tracks from the Permanent Waves one.I have some of the major Rush boot legs but I don't seem to be able to find any decent Moving Pictures Tour shows? Is there any? I have always been a Rush fan but only recently started getting into the live shows. I guess if there is one it would be fantastic if they released it on the anniversary of Moving Pictures.
  7. Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Hemispheres A Farewell to Kings Signals
  8. I first heard limelight on the radio and thought it was the coolest song ever. I saved up my quarters to play it on the jukebox at the pizza place. I was 10 and have been listening to Rush ever since. I think, if I had to be honest, I fell in love with Caress of Steel at 16. That is when Rush crossed over from a cool band to being more like a companion on my life journey. I know that sounds odd but it's really true. Bacchus's Plateau means so much to me at 50 years old then I could even explain in words. I am sure all Rush fans have similar type feelings...
  9. Missing1202


    Was wondering what people out there have in terms of tour posters. I have two 77s a 78 a 84 a 92. I find them hard to find.
  10. Missing1202


    Great show. The author of the books is a big Rush fan. Being literate and a Rush fan can happen. I'm not literate myself I just read a forum where the author of the books said he was a Rush fan.
  11. Great song. I am a 70s kid who went to pre school run by hippies and Tolkien was read to me before bed. I also live in a house hidden in the woods. I am rather partial to the song:)
  12. Give me back my wonder.. It amazes me how young they were when they recorded Caress of Steel. I love this album like my leather jacket from college I still wear sometimes. It's cheesy and seems dated but fits perfect.
  13. 1980. Seems like yesterday. My son spends hours learning to play Rush on his guitar. I can't express in words the sense of joy and gratitude I have for this band and their music. Fan for life.
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