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  1. We don't have any shit we shouldve predicted in 1985! And the METS are in the World Series, not the Cubs! Lie
  2. We may not have hoverboards in the future, but we have these to defy gravity.
  3. No Do you live in America?
  4. I am gay. (But I live in NYC so shuddap) Lie
  5. I refuse to give either side of the bed because I sleep like a starfish. Lie
  6. Yes. Twice. Have you ever dropped your cellphone in a toilet?
  7. Uh, hello? Julie's still here and well! Do you believe in ghosts?
  8. :yay: :cheers: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANALOG GROWNUP! :cheers: :yay:
  9. Yes. Last Halloween. :P Ever done face paint?
  10. I watch thw news every morning at about 6:00 because there is nothing else on tv. And my roomate is usually asleep. :P Lie
  11. http://img11.deviantart.net/626a/i/2015/086/e/f/monalisa_in_fnaf__meme__by_fnaffan2003-d8nboqo.jpg CONGRATS LORRAINE!!!
  12. Only three little words to make sex feel like this: "Is it in?"
  13. My apologies for the wait. This one made me laugh the most! You're up LIX!
  14. My post of the day: http://www.freakingnews.com/pictures/55000/Foxy-Lady--55216.jpg Now that that's outta the way, have a good day everyone!
  15. Hey y'all! Sorry for the late notice! Do what you can with this! http://www.drodd.com/images10/funny-horse-pictures20.jpg
  16. I tested it...apparently. Do you hate YouTube ads?
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