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  1. Alex said in an interview before the tour was announced that they want to do stuff that they've never played before.
  2. What's your favorite tour after the hiatus?
  3. Oh AND Lock and Key, that song is killer on ASOH
  4. The Enemy Within, Chemistry, Losing It and Limbo
  5. Red Lenses...never really liked that song
  6. I'll be at the KC show too but I'm also going to Lincoln for the second show :)
  7. Do you think they would consider playing Different Strings? I would love to hear the uncut version of the ending with Alex's guitar solo.
  8. I would be the happiest person alive if they recorded at KC because I'll be there in a section close to the stage.
  9. I'm not because Lincoln is the second show so I won't have to wait super long for it to be revealed to me in concert :ebert:
  10. There's too many good songs to make a top 15 for me
  11. I think Toronto would be good for their 41st anniversary because that's where the band started, the crowd is always good, and it's always sold out!
  12. I think it would be great if they played a couple songs from counterparts, but not the whole album. I hope they play songs from almost all their albums.
  13. 1. Time Machine in Omaha, NE. My first Rush show ever. Couldn't believe my eyes for the whole show. AMAZING! 2. Where's My Thing? Kansas City 8/4/13, when they started playing again after Neil's solo. WOW! 3. Paul Rudd comes on stage for YYZ in Kansas City 8/4/13 and starts SLAPPIN DA BASS!!!
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