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  • Birthday 07/17/1994

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    Somewhere, but not here
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    Video games, baseball, and thrashing around on a guitar

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    07/09/2015 Kansas City, R40 Tour
  • Favorite Rush Song
    No particular order: Limelight, The Trees, Test For Echo, Natural Science, Lock And Key, Nobody's Hero, Headlong Flight, Subdivisions
  • Favorite Rush Album
    One of: MP, P/G, CP, PeW, CA, Hemispheres
  • Best Rush Experience
    Back to back shows in St. Louis and Omaha on the Time Machine Tour.
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Haken, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend, The Pineapple Thief, Riverside
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  1. Thank you for 40 amazing years worth of music.
    1. Lost In Xanadu

      Lost In Xanadu

      You're welcome. I had no idea you were recording me in the shower
    2. The Analog Cub

      The Analog Cub

      f**k you, puppet!
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