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    *PRESTO* World Tour 1990 Madison Square Garden N.Y.C.
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    Won an ALEX LIFESON autographed Budweiser Guitar from the old WNEW FM in N.Y.C. with tickets to the *HOLD YOUR FIRE* Tour 1987.
  1. "Digital Man". Straight out of Cool Universe! For one.
  2. It is! Unlike the accursed Trolls to me the last 5 albums are Power packed! Very strong albums.
  3. I voted for "Clockwork Angels" but actually like them all the same. Tough decision!
  4. "Entre Nous","Natural Science",EXCELLENT album.
  5. It's finding Actual RUSH archive material! The stricter days of The First Tour of the Nadars '82.
  6. Either we hear too little of 70's RUSH or too much of their 80's synth days! Regardless,RUSH still rules Volcanuum! I dare say between "Roll The Bones" and "Snakes & Arrows" RUSH hurled actual PEAK material. To me they've always been in stride with the times. The musical direction they took with "Clockwork Angels" will only get EVEN BETTER next album.
  7. RUSH 1 is such a GREAT Album. It has such a REAL sound. The Live Shows then must have been LOUD!
  8. "COUNTERPARTS" is still good enough to sound like it just came out yesterday today!
  9. From "Tom Sawyer" to "Caravan"...Before and beyond...!
  10. *Clockwork Angels* is such wondrous concept it's spawning these tremendous,wicked Boots! Proving *RUSH #1*.
  11. The first FULL Rush album I got into! Had the cassette then and would play it over and over again. The songs would sound SO GOOD!
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