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  1. The Sectors are not highly regarded. While an improvment over the 97 remasters, Andy used a bit too much compression and there was some dynamic range lost. Also, there were errors and some mixes were incorrectly used. That being said the FBN disk from Sectors, with the fixed tracks does sound really good.
  2. http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x410/waltzmatildah/Random%20TV%2001/barneyshotinthehead.gif
  3. People pay many hundreds of dollars to attend these shows and I don't want some a-hole yelling anything during the concert unless he is singing along with the crowd.
  4. Don't say that, I am going to the Irvine,CA show, second to last! :codger:
  5. It has poster. http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2015/05/19/4349/Rush-Hemispheres-vinyl-reissue-now-available
  6. But is that the mastering just released today? I thought that was just released on vinyl. The 24/96 version I have was released in 2013. The vinyl and hi-res remastered 24/96 and 24/192 at HDTracks were released today as well.
  7. But is that the mastering just released today?
  8. Has anyone listened to the new 24/96 or 24/192 Hemispheres tracks yet? Are they an improvement over other releases?
  9. Usually not a fan of remasters, and I know the Sectors are loud, but the Sectors FBN really sounds amazing.
  10. If you simply go by Dynamic Range numbers and waveform images-not a good idea-, one could say original releases are best, but after listening to original, MFSL, 97 and Sectors remasters, I would conclude there is no right answer. Some originals sound better, some MFSL, some 97 and some Sectors sound great. If money can allow it, I would get all of them and choose a release for each album.
  11. You are partially incorrect. The SHM releases are a grab bag of copies and possibly a seperate masterings. The 2112 SHM is identical to the 97 remaster, Hemispheres is identical to the AMCY CD. Hold Your Fire appears to be it's own version. Here is a great thread on this. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/the-rush-cd-mastering-thread-part-2.290440/
  12. Nice, I hope more releases are coming.
  13. Are you saying the vocals on this song were done in a studio after the fact?
  14. Can anyone help with this please? From another post- I've had to return my box sets - the glitches go way beyond the Fly By Night cd and the Farewell to Kings dvd. There is a mastering problem with the Kings cd, with some intrusive crackling and distrotion across the opening track. The opening notes of 'Spirit Of Radio' are badly clipped at the start of Permanent Waves. And 'All The World's A Stage' suffers from a volume spike midway thru 'By-Tor' that causes a chugging distortion across the rest of the album, making it sound like a damaged cassette recording. It's a crying shame, because the good discs sound great, but the bad outweighs the good in these sets. Let's hope they take time out and properly review the whole set and reissue it glitch-free.
  15. Are you sure? I couldn't find any Rush there.
  16. "as if all the vocals were done later." - well, that's not true at all. The vocals ARE live. You think it sounds "too good to be live" because the audio was remastered for the DVD release, and the final cut contains some auto tune on the vocals. Sad to think of, but true... You can notice it here (skip to 1:15): I've also noticed few corrections on the Time Machine DVD. The most noticeable one is the "a cell of..." vocal part on Freewill. The vocals on the DVD during that part are different from the one you can hear on the actual show. Here's a front row video of Freewill from Cleveland (1:20): The second dub I've noticed on the TM DVD is on Presto, which is a correction for a little mistake the band made during the song. I think they made this mistake to prove us they're human beans, after all ;) Thanks for the info! I will check it out. I have no issue with them fixing up the live albums with some small overdubs,EQing, etc. What I would be bummed about is if they re-recorded entire songs-be it just the vocals, drums, etc. Exit..Stage Left was my first meeting with Rush and I have heard a little about people saying it's too overproduced-not sure what they actually mean by this-but It's still my favorite for sentimental reasons.
  17. To me Lita Ford congratulating Rush is like Yugo congratulating Ferrari.
  18. Grace Under Pressure for me. I can really feel the emotion communicated with a sense of urgency.
  19. I saw many complaints on the audio quality of Rush in Rio-mixing is bad, crowd to forward, etc. If my suspicions are correct, they did very little if any overdubbing on this release, bumped the crowd noise to mask the subtle mistakes. In comparison, A Show of Hands, it sounds like a studio recording-almost as if all the vocals were done later. I hope not... :(
  20. After to listening to all of the live releases, it seems like they all have been heavily touched up with the exception of Rush in Rio.
  21. Sorry if this has been discussed. Can anyone tell me how much if any overdub work has been put into the live albums? The only info I could find was some minor overdubbing on ESL. Most of their live releases just sound too darn perfect.
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