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    Pre-show party, Baltimore, S & A tour.
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  1. For me, S&A is one of Rush's best albums -- I love it.
  2. I didn't see Phil Collins performing from a chair, but I did check it out on YouTube ... the voice is still there. And the fans seemed to love it. It works for Phil Collins, but not for Alex. Which is perfectly ok.
  3. FWIW, this was already linked in the MP 40th thread.
  4. The YYZ Fantoons video which will be included in the Super Deluxe MP 40th set. "No good dope smoking degenerates! I should have known as soon as I saw those kimonos ..." :D
  5. For what its worth, I have the "scaled down" packaging you referenced. The Blurays are the same, and I prefer it because it fits on my shelf with my other concert discs (as opposed to the original book packaging, which needs to be either in its own space or on your book shelf. Something to consider, but I understand wanting the original book it is packaged in.
  6. Well ... I saw the lyric pages available separately on Rush.com earlier today but they are no longer listed other than as part of the Super Deluxe package (or 1 of the 6 lyric sheets randomly inserted in the album version). So that makes my decision easier -- I will just order the 3-CD version from Amazon instead.
  7. I will definitely be buying this. I need to decide between the CD set and the super deluxe ... really, all I want in the super deluxe is the Bluray and the lyric sheets. It is hard to justify paying an extra $250 just to get the Bluray and lyric sheets, though. I am not a record collector, and most of my music these days is via streaming services. I don't own a record player. But ..... it is pretty cool ..... if I don't buy the super deluxe, I will likely buy the lyric sheets separately though.
  8. Not sure how I missed this one -- thanks for posting! (The one on top, not the Geddy Lee Christmas one ...)
  9. capoetc

    Rush and Rand

    Probably unwise for me to poke the outraged bear, but why should someone who says or performs something you do not like "shut the f*ck up"? Is there simply no room in today's society for people with differing viewpoints to simply agree to disagree? Are folks only allowed to produce art that you agree with? What other forms of speech would you be in favor of censoring? I do not agree with all aspects of Ayn Rand's philosophy, but her positions were arrived at through a life of experience. She summed up her philosophy as follows: "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." -- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged Is there nothing in that statement that you can support? Is the expression of that philosophy something that no one should be allowed to consider and discuss? To be clear, this post is not meant to be an attack of any sort, nor is it a defense of Ayn Rand or her philosophy. My objection is to the suggestion that she, or Eric Clapton, or anyone else for that matter, should not be allowed to express their points of view. The harm is not in the existence of too many points of view, some of which some people find objectionable. The harm is in allowing too few points of view.
  10. Got my Cinema Strangiato tickets for my local theater. :chickendance:
  11. Non-Fan of Primus: "Man, this is weird!" Primus Fan: "Man, this is weird!"
  12. There's a clip of Les Claypool performing 'The Spirit of Radio' as part of RUSH's induction into the 2010 Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame here. If it can't be viewed by the above link, it's also below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taS06rvN8gk When Primus embarks on the upcoming RUSH tribute tour, here's a comment posted by someone on Les's 'The Spirit of Radio' clip that puts things into perspective. "Everyone saying this is a bad performance/cover/whatever; I think you're just not accustomed to hearing Les sing in a major key, or...any key, for that matter. Embrace the strangeness." This performance may have been the musical inspiration for the alternative polka band "Rash" ....
  13. Since we already have remastered versions of the studio albums, I would be fine with just releasing any live shows available (over time) with the entire show.
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