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  1. Their cover of "Summertime Blues" is made for the summertime—literally!
  2. http://www.albany.edu/writers-inst/graphics/7samurai2.jpg It was epic.
  3. "No-one will ever find me here! I blend in with the road perfectly."--The Possum
  4. Freaks and Geeks. Great TV show. It was canceled way too soon. Also Metalocalypse. Show's hilarious! Wrong. But hilarious.
  5. My annoyance with the magazine is that, though they review anything and everything popular or that has mass appeal, they still hide behind this persona of a rock magazine—which they aren't. I have no problem with a magazine shifting gears, nor is something bad just because it's popular, but they still act like they're all about rock: "We're Rolling Stone--you know, that really famous rock magazine." They want the pedigree without continuing the line.
  6. This! I am not one of those ridiculous fans who proclaim that everything he touches is gold. After all, I struggle to listen to the whole of Nebraska in one sitting, and he has quite a few releases that, for him, are bland (Human Touch is almost 100% turd!). But his best work makes him, for me, the greatest songwriter in my opinion. (Btw does my endless gushing get annoying? I am so full of love for Bruce its pathetic! ) Man, we're all on this forum because we've at one time or another gushed about the greatness of Rush, so much so that people probably told us to shut up, and thus we ended up here, to connect with others who love that Most Awesome of Bands, Rush. So gush away, I say. And one of the great things about being a fan is that you can proclaim your love, annoyance, and even occasional hate, for those you admire.
  7. Darkness on the Edge of Town is gold. Pure gold. One of his best, and one of my favorite albums. I'll say that there are plenty of times when the hype has been just that—hype—and I feel that, especially lately, the Springsteen bandwagon is far too crowded with hipsters, posers, etc., but at the end of the day, his best work can stand the test of time. There's certainly some stuff that isn't great or even good, but there's no denying his passion for music. When he makes good music, it's good.
  8. I got into Rush about a year ago. I had heard of them before, but had never really listened to their music (or so I ignorantly thought), and decided I should check them out. At that time, a local radio station was playing several of their songs, only I didn't realize it was Rush because my knowledge of music was, alas!, shamefully pathetic. I liked the music, but I didn't know what to make of the singer. Then my brother-in-law educated me on the fact that what I was listening to was Rush. One day I caught the tail-end of "Working Man," and that, my friend, is when it happened: the Geddy Lee Mystique descended upon me and I was hooked from that moment on. I listened to their first album, was blown away, and then proceeded to listen to the rest of their discography. It was awesome. So, so awesome.
  9. The list of Rush fans who are blonde, buzz cut, African American singers for an indie soul/pop band with a shirt that says "Bitch" is probably not a long one. But I could be wrong. Touche.
  10. Did you find it surprising because it seemed out of place given her other influences, or because she's a female Rush fan? Just curious. :)
  11. I've heard of this documentary. I'll certainly have to check it out. Wow. Rush AND Rory Gallagher? That sounds like my idea of heaven.
  12. Thanks for all the recommendations, guys! I'll get started on those a.s.a.p. And I've got to say, his live performances are so much fun to watch on YouTube. You can tell the guy was into it; it saddens me to know that I'll never get to see him play live. Alas!
  13. So I've recently stumbled upon the Great and Powerful Rory Gallagher's work. No, I haven't listened to much yet, but I've listened to enough to know that he was/is freaking amazing. If any of you are fans and have recommendations, please feel free to share them. And why are they your favorites. Go!
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