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  1. One of the very best albums they ever did.
  2. The Orville. Pretty good so far. About 3 episodes in. Much better than that train wreck that was Star Trek Discovery.
  3. I like their first couple of albums but after that not as much.
  4. From all accounts he was a very sweet guy. He was awesome as Odo on DS9. He will be missed by many.
  5. This is awesome. Great video!
  6. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know it’s tough but you made it through last time, you can make it this time. Hugs sent your way.
  7. EagleMoon


    Great song. The CA tour really got me to reevaluate my feelings on the PW’s album. I like it a lot more now than I used to.
  8. Presto and CA. Though both have a couple of songs I do like.
  9. Thank you, EagleMoon! Still have that Gorgeous Alembic Bass? You look good in it! Oh no, that was a lot of years ago. Thanks though. :)
  10. Stagecoach. An oldie but goodie. One of the classic westerns.
  11. Dude has already made multiple accounts on here. He’s the OP and has PM’d me twice trying to get donations for vandalizing Le Studio under the guise of restoring it. He needs serious mental help.
  12. Led Zep were a much more versatile band so they get my vote.
  13. I do miss looking forward to a new album and tour. I’m very thankful for all of the great music we got but it never seems like enough.
  14. I’ve been in South Carolina the past month or so and it’s been raining every few days. Cold and wet. I miss the dry southwest.
  15. Oh this is sad. I haven’t been visiting the forum much lately but I definitely remember this thread and the heartfelt first post. RIP GJ.
  16. Mulholland Dr. - second time I’ve seen it and it’s still as surreal and bizarre as the first time. Love it.
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