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  1. A friend of mine was showing this site - net worth .com where they have the net worths of celebs.... NO IDEA how the hell they know this private info but - until recently they had both Geddy and Alex at 28 million and Neil at 22 million. A recent update now has Geddy at 40, Al at 35 and Neil at 42 million. Did the sale of Anthem stock or catalogue have something to do with this I wonder???
  2. This guy is unreal. His sound, guitar tone, drum sound.... playing... vocal... wow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V31FoHmivL0
  3. Not a favourite at all. I call it "the keyboard song."
  4. The first thing I remember thinking was the HEAVY sound of the drums and bass... (Thanks Terry!) And, then, the songs were ALL so good! My favourite song then was The Camera Eye. LOVED the drums on that one.
  5. One of the songs I remember most from the AFTK and Hemispheres Tours. Wild... I remember learning the drum solos when I was about 14. I thought I was the best drummer in the world back then!
  6. Ghost Rider for me too. I was cheering him on the whole way. I was surprised to see personal letters included though, since he is normally very private. I got a little tired of the travel books... started getting repetitive.
  7. By Tor and Anthem are two of the best Rush songs ever... you could hear the start of it all with those two songs. Great album...and hey, stop dissing my Rivendell!!!
  8. One more Genesis / Rush comment... I think the similarities between them and Rush ended with A Trick of the Tail. That is a GREAT album, but then they started getting more toward the pop end of things,(especially after Steve Hackett left after Wind and Wuthering) and I drifted away from the band. Saw them in 1980 (Duke Tour) and it was a wicked concert, but I didn't run out and buy any new Genny albums. Haven't since... but I have everything from Wind and Wuthering back to Trespass.
  9. Early Genesis with PG was THE prog band for me... back in high school, I was used to write out the lyrics to Supper's Ready and then show everyone in my class that "I could do it." Most didn't care or know what Supper's Ready was... But, Rush was THE band, overall. Some similarities, no doubt. And, Steve has some very good points here. Stop with the "Forum Ethics Police Squad."
  10. I'd like to see a Lifeson / Lee project with different drummers... such as: Bill Bruford, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Tony Royster Jr, Danny Carey and... wait for it... Senri Kawaguchi. That's right, Senri Kawaguchi. The kid is unreal.
  11. Just watched the Geddy / Hemispheres bass cover posted above... astonishing how much bass playing there is in that song, but - imagine SINGING A LONG TO IT??? That shows just HOW much talent a young (24 year old) Geddy had.
  12. I'd gladly go out and buy a new turntable for that one!
  13. Yes, y'er goddam right!!! A double album for Hemispheres... that would have saved me from having to buy Topographic Oceans from Yes.
  14. Geddy standing at his OBX, dry ice slowly sliding to the front of the stage... dim blue and pink lights... and he's singing... "I have memory and awareness, but I have no shape or form... as a disembodied spirit, I am dead and yet unborn." This is the top shelf for me... Oh, I should add... at this point Alex is off-stage for a quick smoke break!
  15. I've seen 28 concerts since 1976 and the Tour of the Hemispheres is the one I remember most and believe to be their best concert, easily. Does anyone recall seeing the pink and blue lights streaming down during that epic?
  16. Also to add... Alex's playing on Hemispheres IS the highlight for me. And, that extends to side two of the album as well. I don't think you'll find a more original and incredible guitar solo in all of rock music that is heard on La VS.
  17. Another fan in agreement... Hemispheres is the pinnacle of Rush's writing, musicianship and studio production (Thank you, Terry B!)
  18. Hmmmmmmmmm, I don't recall any of what some of you saw... I was in Montreal. All I saw were 14,424 people going absolutely mental.
  19. I love Doug Stanhope. He says it like he means it, no guessing. Many agnostics really are 100% atheists. But, they don't want to say it publicly, especially if they are a celebrity. Well, I am not a celebrity, so I just say it... only I add one little qualifier to the end... I am the world's number one atheist "and then some." I'll bet Neil would take up that number two spot if you asked him privately.
  20. The only flaw for me is rhat Strings fades out too early. Yes, Different Strings could have gone on for another two whole minutes! Alex's spooky solo was is so wicked... I wonder what guitar he used on that one? I'm thinking the ES355.
  21. Hemispheres will always be my number one Rush album, but Permanent Waves will always be a VERY friggin' close number two... I remember playing it for the first time on my stereo at home. I was 17 and a hard core fan. I thought... now this is cool! Very different... I was heavy into odd time signatures at that time and this album fit perfectly with the style of drumming I was playing then.
  22. Yes, but not the same thing... thankfully! It's quitter...
  23. You are 100% correct about us Rush fans... a big family. Bummer that you were a bit sick on the R40 show, but I can guarantee that you caused no inconvenience to anyone around you. They were all Rush fans, don't forget!
  24. Maybe I'm just a little weird, but I couldn't see myself going to something like a RushCon... I think the people would drive me nuts.
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