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  1. QUOTE (2hi @ Aug 7 2006, 10:32 AM) Didn't Flav used to have a high degree of credibility as an artist? I mean Public Enemy goes down as one of the most influential rap/hip hop bands of all time. I wonder how Chuck D feels about the way Flav has gone and made a huge idiot of himself and disgraced the PE legacy. But I find the show hilarious nonetheless. I am not sure if Flav is disgracing the PE Legacy, because thats the way he has been since day one in my estimation. Chuck D was/is the real voice for the group and just about anything serious was said by Chuck D, Flavor was just that, Flavor and typically funny and/or nonsensical.
  2. Beer and Octavarium, Yes ! DT + + =
  3. QUOTE (kazzman @ Aug 6 2006, 12:58 PM) For those of you who haven't seen this yet: Octivarium Analysis Talk about putting so much thought into one album... Holy shit! thanks for passing that along. I think i will break out my copy of Octavarium right now!
  4. From the man himself at mikeportnoy.com.............. Yesterday, myself and John Petrucci filmed a few segments to be aired on VH1 Classic's Metal Mania show at the end of the month. In addition to our interview spots, VH1 Classic will be airing a condensed version of "Score" for their Friday Night Concert Series tentatively scheduled for Friday Aug 25th. Check your local listings for exact times.... MP http://www.mikeportnoy.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=1351505
  5. A distant relative of mine created the phrase "pop culture".
  6. Eric Johnson at the Orange Peel, Asheville NC 8/30/2006 One of my all time faves.
  7. QUOTE (PuppetKing2112 @ Jul 24 2006, 04:18 PM) I'll try to. What are they like? Well, they are hard to describe but I think they fall within the Jam band category. In general they play longer instrumentals. They seem to be up and coming at least in that genre and they collaborate with a lot of other musicians. heres two links for you to check out if you wish.... http://www.myspace.com/particle http://www.particlepeople.com/
  8. Ah yes, the Charlie Daniels Band, one of my all time favorites. They say the man can play any instrument with a string. The best work done by CDB, IMHO is Night Rider and Fire on the Mountain. Too bad Charlie will no longer sing the original lyrics to Long-Haired Country Boy. I am also a big Lyle Lovett fan. Kinda country kinda not. Has any else out there heard the X-Rated discs by David Allen Coe?
  9. to tang or not to tang?
  10. Easily, the hardest working progressive musician. Great to hear he is recording another disc with Neal Morse!
  11. I like "outlaw" country ie David Allen Coe, Hank Jr. and a few others.
  12. Saw them open for the boys a long time ago. If nothing else Godzilla is the shit.
  13. Bad Horsie- Steve Vai Neurochasm- Ozric Tentacles Its the unreal thing- Marty Friedman ps- new MF disc out soon with guest appearances by vai/petrucii/billy sheehan!!!!!!
  14. My faves are Skynyrd with CDB a close second.
  15. drugs are steriods for musicians.
  16. I scored 2, 10th row seats for Lyle Lovett, at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium here in Asheville, August 24.
  17. I was thinking that last night. I know theres a thread about books and what you are reading but they seem inadequate. If movies and video can have their own forum, why not books?
  18. Into the lungs of hell- Megadeth (short but sweet) Fire Garden Suite- Steve Vai. Other than Mike Mangini playing drums on this tune, everything else is played by Steve. Some of his finest piano work IMO.
  19. I have two of Derek Sherinian solo discs and they are the shit and if you like LTE check them out. His new disc comes out soon and include Petrucci on some songs. check out who else is one the disc and song samples including Petrucci here
  20. QUOTE (KenJennings @ Jun 13 2006, 01:49 PM) QUOTE (Sabs89 @ Jun 13 2006, 12:36 PM) Leave That Thing Alone -Rush Stream of Consciousness - DT Nottingham Lace - Buckethead For the Love of God - Steve Vai Crush of Love -Joe Satriani Cliffs of Dover -Eric Johnson La Villa Strangiato - Rush Oh, wow. In terms of musical tastes, me and you must be separated at birth. I LOVE every one of those songs. Some excellent choices there and one of the few buckethead songs I really know. If you guys like that stuff you should at least try some ozric tentacles
  21. The Lamb is my choice. Other faves are SEBTP and Trick of the Tail. One of my biggest musical regrets is I have never seen Genesis.
  22. Crime of the Century for me.
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