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  1. It's been five years since there was a bear in this area, and certainly no mountain lions. Just coyotes and bobcats. Many people think coyotes are a nuisance, but I love hearing them yipping and howling in the distance at night. Bobcats are so secretive that they're almost never spotted. I've only seen one, and it was dead along the road. Poor guy.
  2. I was wondering how that post would land. Once you hit submit it's too late to pull up for another go-around.
  3. What happened to the regular posters in this thread?
  4. Too many bears. I wouldn't want to live anywhere with large, predatory mammals.
  5. I still can't adjust to calling Zaire the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and we have to deal with this Burma/Myanmar nonsense. It's too much to take. And what happened to Rhodesia? Umm... never mind. We shouldn't talk about that one.
  6. Top five, but at this point mainly due to nostalgic reasons. I can't remember the last time I went out of my way to listen to Rush. The last Rush song I heard was The Big Money, and that was in the car with my brother. He turned to me and asked if it was a new song.
  7. I recommend Dan Austin at Arizona State. He's considered the foremost authority on the Convolvulaceae (morning glory family). I haven't contacted him in a while, though. He may be retired, or dead.
  8. Raspberry scones from a local bakery, but only because my aunt raves about them. They're decent, but I won't be buying them again.
  9. The last time there was a bear in this area it stayed around all summer because people kept feeding it. It trashed bird feeders, rummaged through garbage cans, and looked in windows.
  10. I need a factory reset for my broken brain. I don't care what the next poster needs.
  11. That's hardcore. If I didn't like something I just had to take one bite and give a look of disapproval. Job done.
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