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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Music, Reading, Space

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    Xanadu / Natural Science / Anthem
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    A Farewell to Kings / Permanent Waves
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    Until the Clockwork Angels concert, I'd have to say watching Exit...Stage Left on mushrooms. They kicked in on Tom Sawyer when the visual effects kicked in. Magical.
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    Poor and Common, Pink Floyd, Tenacious D, Thom Merrilin
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    Drums, dabble in Guitar/Bass/Piano/Kazoo.
  1. 9/7/12 They have broken the interweb. Drums in the deep. They are coming
  2. Bah, I've never enjoyed people saying anything besides 4/4 doesn't feel "natural". I've always felt that odd or compound meters actually feel more natural because they have a life to them created by the dynamics of the different meter.
  3. More Vegas'ers!? I better be seeing some of you down there. My local doesn't afford a variety of people to mingle with, especially Rushians. Hah! That picture is scary Django...you wouldn't...ahh...know...errr...how to get a hold of her?
  4. Circumstances! Hemispheres has been calling lately!
  5. I love Fly By Night, and opening with Anthem rocked my socks completely off. The sound of the album is great, it's like I can feel the youth and exuberance pouring outta the guys through my speakers. And the lyrics remind me of the whole feel of being a teenager moving to adulthood, slightly nervous at the prospect of this vast new world but simultaneously revving ready to go make it mine.
  6. It's tough wanting to hear La Via Strangiato, Xanadu, 2112, or Natural Science without allotting half the set to just a few songs. Temples/Overture would be fine for the 2112 appearance. I'm wondering how they'll arrange the Clockwork Angels songs. Whether it will be interspersed through the set or if they'll have more of a grouped "story" feel. Either way, being my first Rush concert, they will not disappoint.
  7. Me and three other buds are coming down from Alaska for our first Rush concert, but we missed out on the Music Today pre-sales. What other options do we have of getting tickets for the Vegas show?
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