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  1. I live in Brooklyn and never expected to be able to travel one subway stop from home to see the greatest band in the galaxy! The show was phenomenal. The venue was big but still intimate somehow. The staff were very nice and efficient. The only bummer was shelling out $12 for a 1.5 oz pour of Makers and $10 for a Stella on draft. No biggie in the scheme of things. As for the show, what can I say...I purposely avoided all Rush related websites/forums so that I could be surprised by the set. And I was most definitely rewarded for this. The Analog Kid? Big Money? The Body Electric? Grand Designs?! Never would have guessed the boys would play half of Power Windows. One thing I have to say is that this set list struck me as focusing on dark themes. Starting with the ominous keys of Subdivisions (outcast youth), later with The Manhattan Project (nukes), Big Money (greed/corruption) and Territories (war). The second set also revealed a dark vibe on some of the songs from Clockwork Angels (The Wreckers, The Anarchist). In any case this tone really gave the show some gravitas and pathos. Easily my top 3 Rush shows of all time. What really grabbed me more than anything though was the fact that these guys play the songs they want to knowing that the real fans are going to love it because they "get it". A truly unique band putting on an awesome show. Nuff said!
  2. Someone has probably already mentioned this line from The Wreckers but it's really been grabbing me lately. I'm guessing that the memory that can be "too much to carry" relates to the profound losses Neil has experienced. Hearing Geddy belt these lines out gives me chills as it sounds like he's voicing catharsis for and real empathy with Neil.
  3. After listening many times and reading interviews with the boys I have concluded that this is really the ultimate concept album by Rush. While 2112 and Hemispheres are great albums they lack the genuine cohesiveness and maturity that Clockwork Angels has in spades. This makes sense considering Rush have had 30+ years for this one to percolate. Isn't it phenomenal that they are not only more relevant than ever but charting at #2 with a *concept album*?!
  4. Everybody got to elevate from the norm.
  5. The Garden is the perfect album closer. If this were to be Rush's last album I think that would be a beautiful sentiment to end with. Kind of gives me the same kind of eternal/timeless vibe as Vital Signs.
  6. So, after reading through other threads I think this one should still exist as it deals directly with the idea of Terry Brown producing modern Rush. I believe he could absolutely get great performances out of the boys as he was the guy who produced the albums that Nick R. Has been convincing them to emulate.
  7. Cool, thanks. I agree with the people posting at that first thread who talk about the pitfalls of modern digital production.
  8. I figured. Could not find said threads. Anyone able to direct me to one?
  9. Ok, I know some of you will think I'm just trying to stir the pot here but I ask this question simply because it has been on my mind a lot since I realized what a great album CA is. I currently rank it their best since Power Windows. I keep imagining these songs with the brilliant separation of sounds that Broon used to achieve. The production on those earlier albums really gave each member a lot of their own sonic space to work with. I then add in the character of the Rickenbacker, classic Gibsons, etc. and I wonder if CA could have been as amazing as MP or Hemispheres with Broon's magic touch.
  10. Stunning album. I'm grateful everyday that my favorite band remains this vital.
  11. QUOTE (Mara @ Jun 22 2012, 09:21 AM) I freaking love the way Geddy sings this line. For some reason it just grabs me. Anyone else? With you 100% on this one. This album marks Ged's most consistent vocal performance since Power Windows.
  12. QUOTE (Lerxster @ Jun 20 2012, 11:58 AM) Bravo Rush. And Bravo Rush fans. Nice showing. Usher.. harrumph! You can't spell Usher without Rush, homie. Remember that! :inyourface: LOL! Good one!
  13. This is great news! 20 albums deep and no signs of slowing down. Unprecedented.
  14. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jun 20 2012, 09:21 AM) QUOTE (Jmo2112 @ Jun 20 2012, 09:01 AM) QUOTE (Lerxster @ Jun 20 2012, 08:43 AM) Just think about all of Neil's stock fills and Alex's anemic uninspired playing, as you put it. Concentrate on that. Those thoughts should cause you to put it away for at least a couple days P.S. I said anemic *solos* not playing. Misquoting is obnoxious. You're obnoxiuos! If posting my honest opinion is obnoxious then I am guilty as charged.
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