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  1. Just caught the news! Had to quote myself..LOL...Florida is already booked. The only question is should I hit Orlando also. The more I think about it, the easier it gets. :sundog:
  2. nhl, appreciate those tidbits of info. After posting earlier, I was thinking if they did do anything before Europe, it would be on the east coast. I need to get to south FL and they missed Lauderdale last time. Would be perfect if they were there in April. A little more wishful thinking...since they'll be in LA in April, maybe another Vegas show in April, just for shits and grins, and then come back to Vegas in the fall. I know.... but I love going to Vegas for the Rush shows! The most fun you can have! Always fun to speculate even if it's a pipe dream sometimes. :smoke:
  3. Really? They plan on starting in the US before Europe? Hmmm...I thought they'd finish Europe and start here a few weeks later. Summertime is usually prime time for the boys here in the states. (Besides this past tour) Hopefully we'll know in a few weeks as you and others here are saying.
  4. QUOTE (Snaked @ Apr 30 2012, 12:36 PM) A show on Black Friday.. ugh! I actually pulled a single 3rd row, Geddy's side but tossed it back. I cant justify the airfare on Black Friday like that. How do you let row 3 go? That's rough. What's the issue with Black Friday. Are flights really ridiculously expensive? I love the day of the shows at MGM when they're piping in Rush tunes all day in the casino/bars. LOVE that! Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face. Sounds a lot better than dealing with a bunch of idiots at Best Buy or wherever.
  5. SWEET! Just hooked up. Never did a MT presale, and I appreciate others talking about it on the board and giving me the heads up. Sec. 17 Row L Everytime I see them in Vegas it seems I'm always in 15 or 17. I was a little patient. 17 U, W, X came up, then 15 L (which I almost went for, but preferred 16 or 17 as low as possible) Very excited and looking forward to Thanksgiving in Vegas. Too bad it's still April. Good luck to the rest of you hunting for tix.
  6. Just saw the last few minutes...as said, was great to see the boys on CNN. I walked into the hotel's food room, all groggy after a late flight to FL and I see Neil on the TV! Couldn't believe it. The woman anchor just couldn't believe how down to earth they are. Awesome! Can't wait to see em again on Saturday!
  7. I hooked up and just got a single ticket off Ebay. I'll tell you, there aren't that many seats floating around for WPB. I'm psyched! See yas at the show.
  8. Just booked a flight and looking for 1 'decent' seat. Thanks. See you all at the show! Todd
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