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  1. Pretty cool to see a RUSH R40 decal on Canadian driver James Hinchcliffe's car for the Indy 500! James is from Toronto and a rising star in Indy car racing.
  2. You gotta go for it, upgrade and enjoy! Things will come up in life that are unexpected and having that cash in hand may be benificial, but things will almost always work out regardless...but you will likely never have a chance again to see Rush from that close. For the CA tour we had row 5 in Newark and row 6 in Hamilton, well worth the VIP cost. This year wasnt for lack of effort but just could not get VIP for Newark and I'm bummed out. Like you, we have decent seats but we'll miss the experience of being that close.
  3. My tickets for Newark arrived today...they are for the section and row I ordered but not the seat numbers ordered! WTF...
  4. Can't believe this thread is stil going, of course very small children/infants really shouldn't be at rock concerts...on the other hand, they are much easier to manage when crowd surfing :tsk: I did see a young teen a wheelchair being surfed around at a Green Day concert...somewhat scary to the point Billie Joe paused the song to check that the kid was OK...young man was smiling from ear to ear and said heck yeah he was OK! :haz:
  5. There's peace of mind in having tickets locked in, and as you've said you'll have a kick ass time regardless of where the seats are. So far everything I've seen regarding tickets for this particular tour are just a bit off normal, yeah typically you can hold out until a week or so before show date and score tickets but that might not be the case this time in many cities. Anxiety is ramped over over what's likely the last major tour, limited number of dates with no promise of a secong leg...its a perfect storm for price gouging and fan frustration enhanced with chaos and confusion over this and that pre-sale, phantom VIP pre- sales with mere handfuls of tickets for us fans, Ticketmaster issues and StubHubbery gone wild. First time in forever we're going to hit just one stop on a Rush tour as well as not having seats in the first 10 rows but it just wasnt meant to be this time; I'm just going to savor the hell out of our one show (Newark) :codger:
  6. Its getting worse by the day, just now on Stub Hub for Newark: Lower 7 Row 2| Qty2 $10,442 each Are you friken kidding me! Section 7...they're $200 face value tickets at best. I guess my Alex side section C row 20 are worth a bazillion dollars :)
  7. I also found a pretty lame selection for Newark, and no gold VIP at all. Passed on a few silver VIP that were only a row or two better than what I've already scored.
  8. Having read Neil's most recent book, I do believe this is it, and I sense Alex and Ged had to twist his arm pretty hard to committ to tour this year. They may play select shows here and there (Toronto, LA, NYC) in the coming years but I doubt we see a long tour with full stage production after this one. In a way, I'm ok with that, they'll still be going out while in great form, not what they were in their 20's or 30's but still capable of awesome musicianship. I just turned 55, can't imagine doing what they do at 60 plus... I've seen too many of my favorite bands from the 70's (Stones, Who, Jethro Tull, etc) carry on well past their prime and it's sad really.
  9. Same frustrations with me. Took a vacation day to be home, ready to go for the start of the presales. I intended to do VIP for Newark and fan presale for Buffalo. Last tour I did VIP for the Newark and Hamilton shows and it was a piece of cake both times so wasn't expecting what happened yesterday. Started trying to get Gold VIP the milisecond they went on sale and kept getting 'no seats available' over and over. Never got anything to come up with the VIP, very frustrating especially when within 20-30 minutes premium seats started appearing on Stub Hub. Last I checked floor seats in the first 5 rows were going for $800-$2600 EACH. I LOVE this band but can't spend $5K to see one show last tour or not. Gave up on VIP after an hour, wasn't willing to spend over $800 for a pair of tickets knowing they would be closer to row 10 than up front at that point. While attempting the VIP tix for Newark was also concurrently trying the fan presale, "tickets not available at this level" message constantly but with patience every 20 tries or so tickets would be available, but not very good ones. I did eventually get row 20 in Alex's section so I bought them, knowing if something better came up I could easily sell these later as the show will sell out. Then switched my attention to Buffalo, never got anything to come up as available...maybe I'll try again today. At this point, I have a pair of decent seats for Newark and room reserved at the Marriott that's any easy walk to the venue. It's a 4 hour drive for us so we'll just head down early and savor the day; nice thing about the Prudential Center is there's plenty of bars and restaurants right there.
  10. No, not yet. Mine haven't gone on sale yet. I had thought about going to Buffalo but was having second thoughts. All the floor seats are gone is why I was asking about side seats. What about the first tier up from the floor? Is that any good? That's what I'm talking about but directly to the side of the stage I've had really bad luck with tickets like you describe in the past...directly to the side is pretty grim, and you probably would not be able to see the big screens, props or maybe even Neil... On one Stones tour those to the stage sides were the last seats to be had, still a good time but couldn't see much besides Mick and Keith out front
  11. Cost was academic for Newark, brokers must have grabbed them in bulk. I was ready to shell out for 2 Gold VIP but despite trying exactly as they went on sale at 10 and then steady for an hour...none to be had. Within 15 minutes they were available on Stub Hub for $800-1400 each. Backup plan worked, at least got two floor seats Alex's side row 20...not great but we're spoiled after the past few Rush tours, they'll be fine once the lights go down. :rush:
  12. Props to those that scored VIP for Newark...was on trying right at 10:00 and never got seats. Those that did its cool you know where your seats are...wasnt the case last tour. Once it was 30 minutes past 10 I gave up as VIP seats get worse as time goes buy and row 10 isnt worth (to me) same $$ as first 3 rows. So used the general presale and best I could buy so far is Alex's side row 20, purchased so I have something but I'll keep trying...sometimes great seats pop up later on these deals. Now that I've given up on VIP for Newark I'll also check on seats for Buffalo.
  13. Presale info comes from being signed up for the newsletter on Rush's website, although hanging around this forum folks will also post the needed info.
  14. I got on Newark within like 5 seconds of 'go time' and got nothing. Went back a few minutes later and it showed row 10. For that, it would be better to move back a few rows and save $100. Just tried again (about 10:15) and was able to get 6th row on Alex's side. Keep trying. Wow, you did great! I will keep at it, I have secured Alex's side row 20 but will try for better ones still and I'm sure I'll have no trouble selling the row 20 seats if need be. Giving up on VIP...now 30 minutes in it wouldnt be first few rows so not worth it.
  15. What a cluster f**k...Newark...no VIP within 60 seconds
  16. Uusally $350 each last tour, for this tour now that they're offering Gold and Silver VIP packages I'm gonna guess ~$500 for gold ~$250 Silver, we'll see. At least this time with Gold you're in the first 10 rows instead of first 15 like the CA tour. I'll find out for sure at 10AM tomorrow :)
  17. Checked out the VIP stuff, this tour will offer gold and silver packages. Gold is assured something in first 10 rows (last tour was within first 15); silver is rows 11-15 or first 10 rows in the lower bowl. No prices yet...sucks you don't know your seat but it worked well for us last time. Hotel reservations made for the Prudential center...I will be a wreck waiting on the presales to start tomorrow!
  18. Stoked...finally we know :rush: Looks like Buffalo and Philly or Newark shows for us!
  19. Its based on order/confirmation time, but a bit of a crap shoot I think depending on the city. For Newark we did VIP only when it became clear I wasnt going to score anything very good for less $$, so ordered them 2 hours after they went on sale. Pleasently surprised to get row 7. For Hamilton on this leg, I was ready to rock & roll the second they went on sale...but the order didnt get thru for a few minutes, still thought maybe row 2-4 as my confirmation was at only 8 minutes after they went on sale. Was bummed when I opened the envelope and go row...8. Still good seats and an awesome show but the Hamilton VIP seats did sell out quickly. Neither of my CA VIP experiences beat my Time Machine Syracuse seats in 2010, just luck I guess but ended up in row 4 with just a standard Ticketmaster purchase. Lets hope after a year or so beak we all get the chance to buy tickets for the next tour!
  20. Yes, they were also heavily promoting Rush (the movie) at the F-1 race back in June in Montreal. Since F-1 and Rush (the band) are two of my favorite things I was pretty happy all that weekend :) Directed by Ron Howard, trailers for the movie look outstanding...cant wait...opens on 9/20 in the US. It's based on the 1976 F-1 season which had an epic title fight between Austrian Niki Lauda & England's James Hunt, Lauda suffering a near fatal accident in Germany that year and was given the last rites, only to return 6 weeks later to battle it out to the last race to retain his world title. The racing stories are facts so I havent given anything away, but the movie (without being all hollywood stupid) focuses on the two men, Hunt being an international racing playboy and Lauda the cool, calculating driver...yet off track they were close friends and not that disimilar. Hunt's racing suit had a "sponsor" patch that said "sex, breakfast of champions"...would never happen in todays PC world. Movie will no doubt feature an excellent 70's rock soundtrack...though perhaps too much to dream to hear a Rush tune in the soundtrack ;)
  21. Calgary show cancelled, benefit concert taking it's place: Due to recent flooding and water damage at the Scotiabank Saddledome, the RUSH concert originally scheduled for Wednesday July 24 had to be cancelled. Rush has been moved by the situation in Alberta and have decided to perform their Clockwork Angels show at the closest location possible on the same date – Wednesday, July 24 in Red Deer, Alberta at the Enmax Centrium – and have ALL PROCEEDS to go Alberta Flood Relief. Rush will be donating their fee, and paying for all their expenses. Their promoter partner Live Nation will also be donating their time and fees towards this cause. The venue, Enmax Centrium, will be donating goods and services to the event as well. It’s an all –hands-on-deck situation to donate time in order to raise as much money possible for our Alberta friends and fellow Canadians in need. Lead vocalist and bassist for Rush, Geddy Lee, has made the following statement: “After seeing the devastation from the recent floods, we felt compelled to do what we could. While we had hoped to avoid cancelling the Calgary show, venue safety concerns have closed the venue. Our apologies to all of the fans that bought tickets to the Calgary show for any inconvenience. We’re hoping they – along with the great people of Red Deer – can come to the Enmax Centrium for what has now become a benefit concert. We’d like to thank everyone helping to put on this show for joining us in donating their time & services so we can raise as much money as possible to help those in need.” Calgary ticket holders will have a chance to access a pre-sale to purchase tickets to the new Red Deer show starting Friday July 12th 10AM, until Sunday July 14 at 10PM (or while quantities last), before tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, July 15 at 10AM. Presale information will be sent directly to those who had purchased tickets to the Calgary show. For further inquiries, fans can visit the Live Nation Alberta page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/livenationalberta All tickets purchased online or via telephone will be automatically refunded starting on July 12th. Tickets purchased in person from a Ticketmaster outlet can be refunded at the original point of purchase outlet, starting July 16th. Tickets purchased in person at the Scotiabank Saddledome Box Office can be refunded at the Box Office, which is now reopened. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE RED DEER RUSH BENEFIT CONCERT WILL GO TO THE CANADIAN RED CROSS TO SUPPORT THE ALBERTA FLOOD RELIEF.
  22. Me too, I love Rush but for whatever reason I just dont collect stuff...so except for keeping one tour book I've given away all our VIP swag from each leg of the tour to forum members. At the Hamilton show as we were leaving saw one really young kid just beaming having experienced Rush (probably for the first time)...so I gave my VIP laminates to his dad for his son. Kid was so happy it just made an awesome show even better for us. Just mailed off my last coin & CA guitar picks today...paying it forward. Cheers!
  23. Sound man should have just turned it up to "11".
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