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  1. BAMMM! That intro just hooks you. "His mind is not for rent to any God or government" That's what the song is about. This teenage guy, this Tom Sawyer dude, he's going to do WHAT HE WANTS and AIN'T NO ONE gonna tell him otherwise. And THAT'S what I, the listener - is going to do too! Besides that, the song ROCKS! And that's why the song nailed it for me 37 years ago. Maybe that's got something to do with it for others too?!
  2. Interviewers who are lucky enough to get a sit-down with either Geddy or Alex (or both) often ask about "unreleased studio material". Their answer, for years, has been "There's nothing." If only these interviewers would ask, "What about unreleased LIVE material?" Because there's got to be loads of that. And I'm talking about songs which have never appeared on any live release. We know that on the recent 40th 2112 release, they included a live version of "Twilight Zone". Unfortunately, that version is "sped up" so Geddy sounds even more squeaky-mouse like than usual (for the time.) Why they didn't work on that song and bring the speed down to normal? Too much work and too little money? Years ago I went through all the lists of songs performed during all the Rush tours and came up with a list of all the songs played live but that never appeared on any Live album. There were many. Perhaps I'll go through the lists again and post the names of those songs.
  3. Gary Lorne Weinrib. Dusty Coconuts. Painted Baseballs. Love that outlasts True Horror. Sure, lots of topics already well covered. But some new stuff, too. An interesting hour of talk between Geddy and Dan. If you didn't catch it, do so somehow. If just to get the merest bit of a glimpse into Geddy's house. (Which, it turns out, is located next to Geddy's house!)
  4. My uncle is an avid fisherman. Maybe I'll pick it up for him for Christmas. (2018)
  5. So I read Martin Popoff's "Rush: Album By Album". The book is one big opinion. Well, many opinions from many people. There are some interesting comments here and there and some interesting stories. Quite often though, I found myself thinking, "These guys don't know what they're talking about." (And yes, I acknowledge that this is just my opinion.) And just who are "these guys"? Sure there are some well known names like Mike Portnoy and Ian Grandy. For a lot of them though, I had no idea who they were because, unfortunately, there is no introduction for any of them. But there is an "outro"-duction. An "About The Interviewees" (or opinion-givers) is hidden at the back of the book. I had already read the entire thing before I discovered the outro-ductions. While the book does go "album by album", that doesn't mean that it goes song by song. In fact, a number of songs disappointingly get no mention at all. Also, oddly enough, one of the opinion-givers doesn't really seem to actually like Rush very much. (I won't divulge the name. It is just my opinion and perhaps others would think completely otherwise.) Possibly the most interesting non-opinion but instead "interesting story" of all comes from Rush's roadie, Ian Grandy. From their time in Wales, recording "Hemispheres", it seems the guys and crew had finished up for the day and were enjoying a nice supper when there came a knock at the door. Neil answered the door and as Grandy tells it, "this incredibly decrepit-looking guy is at the door." Turns out, it was Ozzy Osbourne. He mumbled something to Neil after which Neil proceeded to (as my ever-so-clever topic title above puts it) "hash out" a deal with Ozzy. Is this book a "must have". In my opinion, no. I checked it out from a nearby library with the intention that I might then purchase it if I thought it worth it. Perhaps I'll just check it out from the library again in a few years.
  6. God Bless Neil and his family. Genuinely hope he's happy and getting himself healthy. What I'm hoping for is that Geddy and Alex get together and start writing. SOON! Alex's arthritis has supposedly gotten better and Geddy's supposedly been working on getting his voice in better shape. Fantastic. Hook up with a new young drummer, maybe a keyboardist. Both Alex and Geddy have written lyrics in the past. Maybe Neil might be interested in supplying some new words himself? Let's get ZIVORIB going! I NEED TO HEAR NEW RUSH-ish MUSIC ! ! !
  7. (Hope it's okay to post this.) A local Chicago band here, Mungion, is about to go out on their first headlining tour and they just had their van, trailer, every instrument and all their equipment stolen while playing a show in Detroit. They've figured that altogether, it was all worth about $41,500 total. A Go Fund Me page has been put up for them. So far they've raised about half of what they need. They're a pretty damn cool band playing "Funky Progressive Rock". (You can go on YouTube and check out their "Scary Blankets" album.) They're actually from my home town, Cary Illinois. I thought maybe some of the Ultra Cool Rush fans here might possibly be willing to help them out a bit. Here's what's written on the Go Fund Me - "Mungion Robbed-We Need Your Help" page: Last weekend, while on the road, we were staying out in Detroit, MI and woke up to find our van and trailer stolen along with all of our instruments, gear, lights and other valuable belongings. Although we are grateful that everyone is safe, our livelihood was taken from us in the blink of an eye. After going from door to door in the neighborhood we were able to track down some surveillance video that showed two men breaking in and stealing our van and trailer. Unfortunately, there was not much the authorities or anyone could do. After filing the police report and talking to neighbors we piled up in a hatchback and drove 6 hours to New York to play because the show must always go on! Our very first TOUR as a headlining band is coming up in the next week and we need your help to get us back on our feet. Everything that was taken from us is estimated at around $41,500 total. Now more than ever, we need the help from our Mung Family to pick us back up and make the force even stronger! Any donations will help, big or small. We promise to reciprocate all of the positive energy and love through each and every show we play. We are able to do what we love because of ALL of you and could not imagine going through this journey alone. WE thank you in advance for all of your help, love, and support. We know that something like this will only make us stronger. Love, Mungion ________________________________________________________ What was stolen? -2005 15 passenger Ford E-350 - Dual axel 12x6 Trailer - Our entire lighting rig (6 R2s, cases and mounts) - Joe's nord, organ, leslie, moog, amp, pedals and cases -Matt's entire drum kit, stands, percussion, hardware and cases -Justin's amplifier, pedals and cases -Sean's amplifier and cases -Noah's sound board, speakers, monitors and cases -All of our microphones and cases -All of our merchandise (shirts, vinyl, hats, pins, cds, stickers ect.) -Trixie our mannequin -Various belongings and electronics that were in the van Help spread the word! Fellow Rush fans, please help Mungion out if you can. These guys are great and deserve all the help they can get. Thanks! -GeddyLeeGenes (Chuck)
  8. I'm not so certain about the "Lee-Lifeson" name either. Elsewhere I wrote that those not familiar with Rush will be asking, "Which one is Lee Lifeson? And who's the other guy?" I thought maybe a combo of their real last names: ZivoRib. Is that TOTALLY awesome or what? Well, I suppose it is "Or what". Maybe WeinOvich? Geddy is into wine now and Alex is Alex. That doesn't make a lot of sense either. I'm also still liking the idea of them going with Rash. And yes, it would be cool to hear some "My Favorite Headache" songs performed live. Some "Victor" stuff, too.
  9. When I get some song by some other group/whatever stuck in my head that I don't want in there, I use Rush's "Circumstances" to get it out. It's my "go to" song for removing idiotic commercial jingles, etc. But I do also wake up with Rush songs playing in my head. I don't mind that.
  10. I really dig the lyrics on Caress of Steel. Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures, too.
  11. I know they've said there's no unreleased studio material. So I would ask them about unreleased Live material. There are a lot of songs that have been played live in concert and recorded that were never included on any of the live albums. Songs like Twilight Zone and Here Again. Maybe they've been available on Bootleg stuff, but I would like to hear professionally recorded stuff that is probably sitting on shelves in Alex's bedroom closet.
  12. It's like #8 for me. Fantastic song. Really COOL old school new Rush!
  13. Interesting. This is the first I've heard of this. Since the vinyl is recently new, I wonder if there would have been any new charge from the "Monster Mash" record company for the "new" use of those few moments of that song. Rush's record company may not have been willing to pay another fee for it's "new" use. I'm going to have to figure out how I can get a listen of this version without the "MM" effects. Thanks for the info.
  14. 3 stars. Never really got the lyrics to this one. Who cares about Circus Bowling?
  15. "Alex on weed and guitar" Heh-heh. Cool. Of course, Neil could still write lyrics.
  16. Yup. And for all we know Neil's been attending his kid's elementary school plays, Geddy traveling and shopping for vintage instruments, and Alex playing golf and eating hoagies. "Neil's been attending his kid's elementary school plays" I've been to those elementary school plays. Does that mean we should expect Neil to go running back to Alex and Geddy, screaming, "For God's Sake! Let's make another Rush album! I'M BEGGING YOU, LET'S MAKE ANOTHER RUSH ALBUM!" ???
  17. I've never even considered Alex and Geddy putting together an all instrumental album. That would be absolutely EPIC! A really great idea!
  18. I'm pretty content with the fact that Neil ain't gonna be doin' no more drumming and that therefore, there ain't gonna be no more Rush. But I am certain that Alex and Geddy are itching to put some new music together and play some cities as well. In some other post around here, I wrote that a good name for a new Lifeson / Lee band would be... Wait for it... RASH! Sure, the boys used the name Rash as a joke during the Time Machine Tour. But if you think about it, the name Rash makes sense. Of course it's an easy exchange of the "U' in Rush for an "A" making Rash. So there's that poignant reference to the old band. Rash would also show their sense of humor. Of course, now that I've written this suggestion, Alex and Geddy would never name a new band Rash due to the fact that some dork on a forum somewhere had already suggested it. Now the big thought: If all of us here (or most of us anyway) could accept Alex and Geddy joining up with a new drummer to become Rash, playing new Rash music and - I would think - some of the old Rush music as well, what about if due to Geddy's scratchy, aging voice, the guys added a new singer as well? Could you handle that? A new singer singing new Lifeson / Lee songs as well as singing old Rush songs? I mean, I've listened to R40 Live, and Geddy's voice just ain't what it used to be. I have to think that all those years of screeching and wailing on stage has just simply taken way to much of a toll on Geddy. Someone like Mick Jagger, who has like 10 or so years on Geddy, has a deep voice, so the throat and larynx aren't so affected by years of singing and he's able to carry on. Geddy's larynx though, due to that high voice, has simply got to be pretty darn shot. But I do think that Geddy would probably still sing at least a couple songs on a tour. Well, I've written another novel here. Didn't want to do that. Meant this to be short. Any comments? Rash? New Drummer? New Singer? Would you go for such a new Lifeson / Lee Project?
  19. Wanting or hoping that Rush will do another tour or another album isn't selfish. Demanding that they do either would be. Not that they would be influenced by anyone demanding anything of them. Neil's age isn't what is holding him back. Buddy Rich pounded the shit out of his drums way into his old age. It's Neil's health that is stopping him. His health is more important, and last I saw of Neil - which was the "Time Stand Still" film - he's not looking all that healthy. Oh, and his family is more important, too.
  20. Hey, that stuff is really interesting. I've got the Caress of Steel cassette with Didacts and Bald on the wrong sides. I remember that really irritated me back when I'd play that tape.
  21. OP here. Thanks for the kind replies. I saw it at the Crystal Lake, Illinois theater. It was packed, only a couple seats empty in the front row. Can you guess how I know this? Because, for the first time in my life... I HAD A FRONT ROW SEAT for RUSH!!! Yes, I was an idiot and didn't think to pre-order a ticket until the night before. At least they had those couple of front row seats available. Really, it wasn't so bad. I can confirm, Geddy keeps his nose hairs trimmed quite nicely.
  22. Just saw the "Rush - Time Stand Still" movie. I've got to say, this is one of the truly saddest movies I have ever seen. I had tears in my eyes at the end, and I'm not the kind of guy who tears-up at movies. While I thought I knew what Neil "must have" been going through during his performances on the R40 tour, in actuality, there really was no way whatsoever for me to truly know. Learning during this movie, of the pain and suffering Neil was really experiencing is enough for me to regrettably say, "Neil, go ahead and retire. You deserve it, man." Of course, the movie wasn't all sadness. There was plenty of opportunities for howls of laughter, and to even learn some new things about the band, such as their youngster dreams of acquiring a station wagon to tour in, and then - glory of glory - a mini-camper! That was all new to me. Ray Daniels once fired Geddy from the band?! That information seemed new even to Ray himself. But Geddy's memory couldn't be wrong about something like that, could it? Really surprising to me was learning that Neil had picked up a fungus while riding his motorcycle through hopeless rains between gigs. An awful, painful fungus on the bottoms of his feet. And the man still performed! Incredible as well as horrible. And something which simply had not occurred to me prior to seeing this movie: The entire Rush crew - the roadies, drivers, sound guys, lighting guys. All the backstage and forward-stage workers who Geddy, Alex and Neil consider family. The movie clearly shows that they all knew that the end was upon them. They knew that that last show at the Los Angeles Forum was going to be THEE last show. I myself have been easily able to dismiss any "End of Rush" severities. I've held hope that Neil would simply one day soon change his mind and say, "Guys, I've just got to tour, it's in my soul!" But the Rush crew knew otherwise long ago. They accepted it long ago. The movie shows Geddy and Alex accepting it. They may both have a slight hope otherwise, but from the sadness present in their eyes when having to discuss the subject, it seems they know deep down in their hearts, that Rush is done. A great movie accompanied by a really good short documentary, "A Salute to Kings" as well as a very funny Rush animated short. I hope they are both on the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release.
  23. If they're not going to use Rush as their name, then there's a perfect name for a new Geddy & Alex band, and they've already introduced it to the world previously in concert: RASH ! One letter difference and it reflects their humor as well as gives a nod that the line-up just ain't the same as it used to be. Bring in a new, young kick-ass percussionist. There's plenty of them out there. Geddy's proven more than adept as writing lyrics and Alex ain't bad at it either. Actually, Neil could still provide lyrics. As for a new singer? Geddy's voice may not be what it once was and certainly he can't reach the notes he once could. But wouldn't they be able to cater to his voice? They could write what he can sing. There'd still be a problem performing old Rush stuff alongside new Rash stuff live in concert. I really, REALLY want Geddy & Alex to develop a RASH!
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