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  2. For this was Sir 73's country. Many of his finest romances, such as and...One man who knew 73 was Angus Tinker...
  3. I just don’t care for what I’ve heard from her. I don’t have any ill will towards her as an artist or a person (her Spotify strike was actually really cool even if she was the wrong person to lead that idea). I just don’t care for her music.
  4. Clearly 73 inspired tremendous fear among his forum associates. But what was he really like?
  5. Since reading The Notebook I read two other Nicholas Sparks novels (Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodanthe), and I'm currently reading The Rescue. What can be said about these books? The storylines and many details are overtly calculated, and there are themes and surroundings that keep coming up from novel to novel (not in good or bad). North Carolina, losing someone, surviving as a single parent, being surprised by love, insecurities, storms, seaside, sex. Working part time in a library. The beauty of nature. Sparks is good at observing human gestures and body language and describing everyday life and worries. He knows how to write an entertaining story that's easy to relax with. Nothing larger than life, but writing a romantic novel that will not completely bore the reader to death is a skill. (While I was reading these books I did some Google searches on the different places that the stories locate in. Rodanthe and the Outer Banks area in NC seem very beautiful. I love seashores, so these surroundings are a real plus to me. Travelling through stories is nice.)
  6. Look, two people three people have just fallen past that window.
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  8. Iconoclast - Symphony X
  9. And of course I was surprised that Spurs first goal was allowed as it looked like Richarlison was affecting Mendy`s view. Oh, and I was surprised that the second goal was allowed because of the hair-pulling incident. Other than the two goals, and Chelsea`s superiority across the pitch, it was a perfectly fair result.
  10. Oh, I do love having Romero at my club (pulling Cucerella to the ground via his hair was just so blatant I laughed out loud). He`s an icon to fans of shithousery all over the world. Obviously I`d back Conte in a simple scrap, as I think Tuchel looks like he has legs of glass... ironically, if they chose a hair pulling contest, it`d be the thinning-Tuchel who would have the most to grab at for longest, despite what old photos of Conte might suggest.
  11. And now the Stock Market Report by Exchange Telegraph.
  12. INXS RIP Hutch and get them in the rock n roll hall of fame, stat!
  13. I was going to ask him if he could make me a bit lame in one leg during the middle of the week. You know, something beggable.
  14. Zoe Saldana Live long and prosper, Nichelle.
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