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QUOTE (An Enemy Without @ Aug 26 2012, 01:21 AM)
QUOTE (Ya_Big_Tree @ Aug 25 2012, 04:17 PM)
Ya. How does it feel?

Gotta love society's double standard when it comes to objectifying people.

There are lots of things that may seem like double standards but they are really not, and they exist naturally. This one, I'm not sure as I have not given a lot of thought to it.


For example, how come when a guy has a bunch of sex it is seen as an accomplishment, but when a girl does it she is seen as a slut?


Well the answer lies in nature. It is the male role to show off and to attract as many women as possible. That means he is good for the species, with regard to reproduction, continuation of good genes, etc. A female who has sex with just any male simply has low standards. Her offspring are more likely to have bad or defective genes, simply because she is not screening out which guys she is copulating with. This is bad for the species.


In short, it is a male's role to spread his genes as much as possible, and a female's role to receive the best genes possible.

I find this is changing. I have a few female friends with a huge sex drive. When they hang out with us and tell us that they had a lot of sex over the weekend they get high fives just like if any of the guys would come and say something. This kind of behaviour is not uncommon in my area.

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